Melbourne Snapper Fishing How to Catch A Port Phillip Bay Reds 2017/18 With Video & Reports

how to catch a port phillip bay snapper

Melbourne Snapper  How To Catch a Red in Port Phillip Bay Early  Late Season Spots Tackle Tips.

Melbourne Snapper turn up in Port Phillip Bay to spawn and 2017 season will be no different. On this page ill be talking about fishing from a boat, but if your a land based fisherman you may learn something.  I have included some video’s from rig tying ,to me fishing out on Port Phillip.  Ive tried to include most import information , that you want to know when your starting out. Ill admit im not the best writer , but im a real fishermen.

Fishing Port PhillIp Bay in November 2017 How To Viedo


There are many way’s to catch a Snapper This is Simply how i do it .

December January February Can Be Productive for Reds Below towards the Bottom of the Page  is A Map where i like to fish in These Month’s.

Tackle Rods & Reel : A rod of 6/8 kg with a 4000 size reel can easily get the job done, but if your inexperienced maybe fish a 8/10 kg rod with a 6000 reel. Both combinations will stop any Snapper the bay has to offer.  I’m not going to go into depth about brands and best reel and rod combo’s because I fish a fairly cheap set up, all I will say though is you should at least get a reel with a half decent drag system on it.  I use a Shimano Sienna 4000 Spooled with mono 17/lb on Sonic Pro 6/8 kg stick which is reasonably cheap.  A bait runner is a popular reel combo on a Fiberglass rod, but that’s really entirely up to you and your budget. 

You Can See Set up in Action In the Video Below. Fishing in Shallow Mt Eliza After a big blow .

Fishing Bait i use mono Line from 15lb to 20lb. Lure Fishing Braid is my Choice.

Snapper Bait or which lure should I fish in PPB ?

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How you bait your Pilchards Half Hitch on the End to secure your bait.


I would suggest fishing your maximum of 4 rods in Victoria.  On each rod I recommend having 3 rigged with Snelled hooks and the other with Reedy’s Rigz Snapper Snatchers. This is my main set up when I’m fishing out wide on the mud and sand.  When I’m fishing in shallow water on a Reef ground, I may mix up my rigs with 2 of each rig type per rod.   For bait I prefer to use Sandy’s Silver Whiting and Gotcha Supa Pilchard.  If you have fresh bait by all means use that.  I find a Salmon head or fresh Garfish works extremely well.  Try not to worry too much about your bait in Snapper Season as I have found Snapper aren’t fussy, especially during the spawning and migration period.  As for lure’s it’s my opinion that only experienced fishermen should use them.  I believe that using a lure is not a more productive way to catch a red, its simply another method to use when your sick of catching them on bait and you feel you want to challenge yourself.

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Once you have your tackle and bait ready the next thing to master is timing.  I find the first run of Snapper in Port Phillip bay is just before early September or late August around the Full Moon.  Reds use the big spring tides around Moon to migrate into the Bay and over the next two moon’s leading up to November. This will continue every month through late August to early November.  School by School they move in and around PPB, eventually peaking early November or late October depending on the Moon.  Then the spawning process starts. This is when you begin to find “Christmas Tree’s” on your Sounder (school’s of Snapper spawning that look like xmas tree image’s belolw), which will continue to around Christmas, then majority of the fish will leave the bay.  Some Reds will stay and exit closer to Easter when the water temperature starts to cool down.  So basically its the same every year that the Reds will be scatted around the bay until  late october / start of November before they start to school up for the spawning process.  I find from Mordialloc to Carrum are great place’s to fish in November, then towards Frankston/Mornington in early December.
Around early Season they can generally turn up anywhere, but I prefer to fish up North towards Melbourne and Altona.

image of Some Early Season Spots in Close 5/7 meter Up near Melbourne look for Reef Edges Etc.  

View Map Early Season Fishing Spots Bigger Click Here

fishing spot, port phillip bay snapper spot melbourne, melbourne snapper, early season snapper spots, gps marks ppb, Fishing Rigs I Fish in Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay Rig tying Video Guide to A Quick Snell.

To Tie Fishing Rig with Snell hooks perfectly for Port Phillip Bay.  I have made a simple video to  show you guys how I tie a Snapper Rig easy and I guarantee it will fish excellent in Melbourne. Knowing which rig is best & when to fish it can be somewhat tricky.  Over the years fishing Port Phillip Bay its generally considered you use Snelled twin hooks to rig a full Pilchard bait.  The other rig I fish is Reedy’s Rigs by Snapper Snatchers.  Which are  Available Here.  But today we will focus on a Snelled twin hooks to make a Running Rig.  The type of fishing hook you choose to fish is entirely up to you.  I would recommend some of the following brand’s, Owner Cutting Point SSW hook are super sharp and would be a great choice.  Then followed by Mustad Big Red.  If you want to buy this rig pre-tied, then I suggest Reedy’s Twin Hook Snell Available Here. which are the Snapper Rigs I fish with in Port Phillip Bay. But you can rig them yourself fast an easy just follow along with the video i made below .

Snell Hook Rig I Fishing In Port Phillip Bay Snapper  How To Tie it Video.


Snelling Hooks to Make An Awesome Fishing Rig for Melbourne Snapper , Hook size i use is 4/0 for snell rig & 5/0 of 6/0 on the Reedy’s Rigz .. the Choice is up to yousnapper snatchers,port phillip bay snapper,melbourne reds, early season snapper 2017 , fishing reports

Sounding Up Snapper In Melbourne Port Phillip bay  A Few Tips To get you FIshing.

Below are some images taken on my Lowrance Hds & Elltie Chirp Sounder , the Setting i use is auto & simply Adjust the sensitivity up & down  depending on the return & clarity of the water. When i am moving faster then a slow trolling speed i turn the sensitivity up , just so there a little clutter on the screen . When  i find the fish on my sounder  i mark the gps spot & i like to put the sensitivity back to -4 and resound over the fish to confirm what i have found . At night  turn the sensitivity right back . I cant cover using a Sonar in depth here i would prefer to make a video on sounding . Stay tuned.



Burley Making it Cheap to Lure in those Reds video

A simple Video how i make cheap burly Hopefully one day a tackle company can make 20kg bags then i would Support there product because the size of the bags & buckets dont cover my usage . I Lower my pot to the bottom of PPB .in combination with throwing cut up pilchard up current.


General tips to Help you  Port Phillip bay Snapper Catch a Fish :
* Be on the water at the right time – Sunset & Sunrise are fantastic, but in season the fish will bite anytime of day its generally just a matter of finding them so don’t just give it up .
* Move/Try somewhere new if your not catching after 15-30 minutes – this is where an anchor winch really comes in handy.
* After rough weather try fishing in shallow on the edge of a reef – Mordialloc and Ricketts Point are great Area’s.
* Always use Burley – I made a video on how to make your own Burley Below 
* in Port Phillip bay there are many Scallop Beds that hold fish .  observe your Anchor when it comes up , in the past I have found in the clumps of  mud on the Anchor. & have scallop shells in the clumps .  A Sure way to know your in a good spot , Mark it on your gps . You can Also see them on your Sounder.. 
*when sounding Snapper, Faster then trolling pace .put the sensitivity up a little , think it as a volume knob to give you more power. but don’t over do it . 
* When there is  wind against current you can bridle your boat if its not rough weather , or do what I do and change the rigs 2 flasher rig and 2 snell  .
*Don’t Be a Knob and Anchor Close to People  >>> 
*Always Check your Drag Setting’s, before setting your spread, I set mind to under 1kg of pressure maybe 3/4 of kg , in recent times I prefer lite drags & going easy on the fish .. 
*Don’t confuse bait on the sounder with snapper . there is bait every where out there Pilchard & Scad try catching the scad on a Sabaiki jig & using them for fresh bait.

* In mid December go South , look for Scatted arches not so much Xmas tree’s any more on the sounder , But the Reds will  be Heading back out to sea .  Intercept them .. Symonds Channel , Mt Martha , intended Head  Key Spots around January Febuary. 


December Jan & February Snapper Area’s I Like To Fishing in Port Phillip Bay Late Season

In December Around Xmas 2/3 Of the Snapper will start to filter out the Bay (according to Fishery’s Charts). If you looking for a Christmas Snapper For the Dinner table Or are on Holiday’s Over at rosebud ,Caravan Parks , below are some great area’s to fish. My Favorite Spot this time of year is just on the drop off out the front of Symonds Channel as you See in the Image  Below , Just click on it to enlarge Map .  , I dont sound the fish up here , i simply Set up , and wait for them to come thru , its normally a pretty good area to fish this time of year. you will come Across Gummy Sharks and Big Flathead ,whiting . There is a Few extra’s bits of tackle you need. In this Part of the Bay The Current Starts to run . So it’s important to up grade your Sinkers (lead) and Leaders to atleast 60lb , i Perfer 80lb in this area just because , gummys & other sharks ..

Click On Map To Enlarge 

snapper spots ,port phillip bay



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Sabiki rig, snapper bait, catching bait,pilchard,
*Reds generally display fairly large on your sounder , pinkies will look the same but smaller.
*spawning snapper will stack up and look like a xmas tree, Like in the images on my sounder , the xmas it self will be wide say 2/ 3 meters and high , smaller tree’s are pinkies. blobs are bait .
*last but not least believe in what your trying , As modern technology progress its the same in fishing , the best way to catch a snapper still hasn’t been found yet , so keep trying new things . You become a better fishermen for it . 

cheers and good luck this season 

I’ve Left the comment box open below , feel free to ask any questions about PPB snapper cheers .





latest movie’s December Reds At Frankston  / Mornington

These are some of our Latest video’s . you will Still catch reds  Leaving the Bay. Around  the Start of December i Like to fish frankston / Mornington Mt Martha they all can be productive. though Summer tho it gets harder to catch a red the later into summer.  But with a decent effort you still  Catch them.  but Saying all this just make the effort and go South Mt Martha as i said above.

My Boat Set up for Bait Fishing Targeting Australian Snapper Video

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Australasian Snapper – Pagrus auratus

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  1. Matt Lawry says:

    Hey reedy,
    Love your work mate, awesome stuff. Hopefully get a crack at some early season ones soon.
    Noticed youve got a furuno sounder which is what I’ve got. Not much chop at using it though.
    What settings do you run on it?

  2. Snapper Fishing Tackle says:

    Thanks mate appreciate it . to be honest mate i dont use it a great deal & definitely not the person to be give you the best settings. the times i have used its been in auto, i have been able to find snapper , i do struggle with the small screen size as you would know its very small. but i know it’s a good sounder , im just not that experienced with it .. sorry i couldn’t help more , cheers and best of luck for the season.

  3. daniel pratt says:

    What settings do you use on your sounder I have a Lorance elite 7x hdi and em having trouble setting it up any tip would be great.

  4. Jono says:

    Cheers for the tips, keen to give them a crack this will be my third season of going for a big red, so far have only managed pinkys the biggest ones only being around 30cm. Have been hooked on what has felt like two big reds before but lost them out of impatience and excitement.

    • Snapper Fishing Tackle says:

      some would already be here mate . and they keep coming up until start of November .. you see alot of catches around ether side of the next moon , oct 6 , they will also be scatted around the bay until start november .. then usually up near ricketts to carrum is the place to be .. cant wait to get out and have a crack .. best of luck cheers

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