Melbourne’s Snapper Season Port Phillip Bay 2018 Early Season Reds

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Snapper Spots Port Phillip Bay 2018 Early Season Fishing Report
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Melbourne Snapper Season usually arrives Late September .Here Are some awesome fishing Spots to catch a early season Red this season. When fishing these area’s around  dusk & dawn are the best time’s to catch a red. The Water Temp is slightly higher up around the top end of Port Phillip bay.  A favourite fishing area for early season Red . There is No magic Gps Mark , but fishing the shallow reef’s is a well known spot to start to catch a red .

Melbourne Snapper Tips Port Phillip Bay 
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Melbourne Snapper Tips Port Phillip Bay 

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A Brief Talk On Snapper Fishing Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia

Early Season Snapper In Port Phillip Bay – I give A Talk On Where I Fish For Reds In September 2017 . Using My Sounder i Show Map’s Of Navionic’s a Show Fishermen how i like to Search For a Red Australian Snapper. I am No Pro Fishermen but i awalys catch fish . Hopefully this paints a better picture for new anglers trying to catch a fish in 2018 . These are Just the Thoughts and feeling of how i approach my fishing & you should always have your own goals .

Fishing Rigs Flasher Lure Paternoster Snell Running Float Line 60lb 80lb Snatch a Snapper This Season
Snapper rig Are an awesome when your fishing for big reds and other fish .Rigged with a Snapper flasher lure rig jig Ready straight out of the packet for fishing . whether you’re fishing from the surf or in a boat, it is best to Spices up your Snapper flasher Rig with a piece of fresh bait. A strip of pilchard is ideal, especially in the surf. Bait the hooks just as you would for octopus circle hook. A pieces of cut up bait fish can also be used with Flasher Rig. When baiting up These awesome fishing rigz make sure the gape of the hook isnt covered bait . Once you have your The flasher rigged, baited and in the water, sit back and relax The circle hooks, are designed to Pin the fish in the corner of the mouth . A great way to fish for snapper with Rigz is on the bottom of the sea Floor . Dont cast out the flasher rig , just drop it down to the bottom . The lure flasher will Move around in the current and act like a lure and double your chances to catch that big red

Flasher Rigs are paternoster fishing rig that is Pre-Tied with a Design for Simple Use ,That Comes Ready to Fish. When Fishing a Flasher rig the first thing you want to do is connect the rig to the main line, I like to use a uni knot. Also you will need to Attach some weight on the bottom of the rig.
A Flasher Rig works much like a Slow Pitch Jig But in a Micro Sense, you Apply Some bait to Both of the Hooks & floating movement of the bait combined with like the Lumo infused Flasher Attracts the fish working together & Presenting as a wounded bait fish and this enhance your chance of catching a fish .
The Pink Lumo Infused Flashers are known to Fool a Snapper or two and most fishermen that do any sort of Bait fishing will include a Couple in there Tackle Box . it’s a Fairley common rig fished in Snapper season Around Australia. Many anglers that fish from Land based at beach use it as a Surf Rig they Work very well on most Fish From Mulloway to Whiting all are regularly caught . In the Surf it’s The Blue Flasher that gets Most of the attention Reedy’s Rigz Make a Excellent Live Pilchard Flasher Perfect for the Surf. If Chasing those Sand Whiting the Red Worm is very Popular & For Victorian & South Australian Anglers Chasing King George whiting .

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