How to Catch whiting in Deep Water

Whiting Can Be Caught in Deep Water ! in this Video Below Possum and Brett Fish in High Current to catch KGW. Fishing with light Rod Combo’s & using Reedy’s Tinganoster Whiting Rig , With a Mixture of Bait’s Such as Squid , Mussel & Pipi/Cockle’s. Sit Back and Enjoy the Video.

What is Best Types of Hook’s and Rigs for Whiting ?

On some day’s whiting can bite the bait’s, differently Some day’s they can hit the bait’s very hard & on other’s the can nibble and suck on the bait’s. this making them really sneaky to catch.

Reedy’s Offer 3 types of Hooks to Catch whiting  they Are Longshank , Wide Gap Circle & Mutu Circle.  As each angler has different styles when fishing.


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Reedy’s Rigs Longshank Hooks Pack of 25 Red Worm Hooks

Longshank Hooks are Great For catching the Bread & Butter Fish Like KG Whiting, Bream garfish & Many other fish. Reedy’s Longshank Hooks are Super Sharp and are a must have in your Tackle Box Available Here or at your Local Tackle Store.

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Reedy’s Mutu Circle Hooks 

Reedy’s Mutu Circle are great when fishing Multiple fishing rods. fish hook themselves  super sharp hook . A Favourite with anglers and Available in packs of 25 Here. or from your local tackle Shop.

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Pre Tied Whiting Rigs

Reedy’s are Know for Quality Fishing Tackle. Reedy’s Rigs whiting Pre Tied Rigs are Second to None. Available from here or your Local tackle Store

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Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle