How to Catch Squid in Port Phillip Bay: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to catching squid, Port Phillip Bay is a paradise for anglers. Known for its incredible variety of marine life, it offers fantastic opportunities for squid fishing. Here, we’re going to guide you through a successful squid-catching adventure, with an emphasis on using the Shimano Flash Boost banana-colored squid jig, a personal favourite.

Understand the Basics

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to understand the basics of squid fishing. The goal is to sink your jig just above the sea floor, not on the seabed itself. Once it’s at the right depth, you’ll jig it up — this is where the squid comes into play. Attracted by the jig, it will swim up behind it and, hopefully, take the bait.

Choosing the Right Jig

The Shimano Flash Boost in banana colour, size 2.5, is an excellent choice for squid fishing in Port Phillip Bay. This jig has a self-generating light that mimics small fish, which is irresistible to squid. Moreover, its banana colour provides great visibility in various water conditions, attracting squid from a distance.

However, while this jig is a favourite, it’s important to diversify your arsenal. Consider adding a white-coloured squid jig to your tackle box, especially for bright, sunny days. White, as a high-contrast colour, will catch the squid’s attention against the sunlight filtering through the water surface.

In addition, having a range of colours and sizes in your collection is beneficial. Different colours work better in different light conditions and water clarity, while varying sizes can attract different species or sizes of squid.

Timing and Tide Matters

Timing is crucial when it comes to squid fishing. The best times to fish for squid in Port Phillip Bay are during tide changes. Squid are known to feed more actively when the tide is coming in or going out. Be sure to check the local tide chart and plan your fishing trip around these times.

Moreover, the seasons play a significant role in squid fishing. Spring and Autumn are fantastic times to hunt for monster squid in Port Phillip Bay. During these seasons, squid come into the shallow waters to spawn, making them easier to catch.

Techniques and Strategies

When fishing, cast your jig out as far as you can. Once it hits the water, allow it to sink near the bottom, counting the seconds as it descends to estimate depth. This sinking phase is crucial as squid often attack while the jig is dropping.

Once the jig is at the desired depth, it’s time to ‘work’ your jig. A simple technique is the ‘lift and drop’ method. Lift your rod slowly and then quickly drop it, retrieving line as you do so. This makes your jig dart and then pause, mimicking a prawn or small fish – a squid’s favourite prey.

Additionally, consider fishing around structures like seagrass beds, rocky outcrops, or reefs. Squid use these areas for hunting and spawning, making them prime locations for catching your target.


Squid fishing in Port Phillip Bay is a rewarding experience with the right techniques, equipment, and timing. Equipped with your Shimano Flash Boost in banana colour, coupled with a selection of other jigs, you’re well on your way to an exciting squid-catching adventure. So get out there, enjoy the tranquility of the bay, and may your fishing be fruitful!

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