How to catch snapper in Autumn

Autumn is a great time to catch snapper. I am Gonging run through some of the tackle that you’ll need to catch a snapper. While Lures are great for catching snapper. if you’re a beginner fishing it is probably not something you should look out straight away. To be honest I can’t think of a many situation’s where Lures are better to catch a snapper then Bait. The best chance to catch a snapper would be via bait and hook.

autumn snapper

Autumn snapper

Marlon with a nice pair of autumn Beauties Caught on 187 Hooks By Reedy’s Rigs

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A Nice Shot of a Big

Reedy’s 187 Hooks Doing the Damage

lumo hooks , snapper , 187 hooks

A Big Snapper Caught
on Reedy’s 187 Hooks



What Are the Best Snapper Bait’s?

It’s good to have a big range of baits on any day the the snapper can feed on different foods by having all different baits gives you a good chance to catch. when starting session start off by putting a different bait on each hook on your Spread of rods.

Baits Must Have Every Trip , Pilchard ,Squid , Silver whiting

Tackle you MUST Have to catch a Snapper.

over the years of used various tackle to catch snapper. Light & heavy tackle. you want to get yourself a well-balanced fishing rod combo. I feel if you invest in something a little bit higher quality you get a better return for your money over a long period of time. so when buying fishing tackle I really recommend buying the best tackle that you can afford.
As I’ve been fishing for snapper long time this is the tackle I use and I’ll list it below. my fishing rod I like a fishing rod that’s made of graphite that’s between 6 to 8 kilos and I like a fast action so that means that the rod is a little bit stiff.
Fishing Rod is Shimano Sonic pro 6-8 kilos.
My fishing reel I use for snapper is a bait runner D6000 by Shimano.
I spool my fishing reel’s with 17lb Berkley Trilene Sensation Fishing Line.
On my boat I have four rods per person. on three of the fishing rods the setups will be “Snell twin hook rigs ” Hooks used Reedy’s 187 suicide hooks And they’ll be a size 1 ball singer and a green bead. and on the 4th rod I’ll be using a different type of rig it’s called an ultra rig by Reedy’s rig. The video below to demonstrate how to tie this rig. and also show the reedy rig in Action.

Below is a video of me talking about the water temperature and where to look for snapper

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle