How to Catch King George whiting | Tie Rigs |Hook’s |Best Bait’s | Beginners Video guide

How to Catch King George. On this page, I’ll be going through everything you need to know to catch King George Whiting. There will be videos on every subject, including Time rig’s best bites. Areas to find Whiting.

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First, we’ll start with the rigs. I find that Whiting feeds on the bottom. so, you really want a rig that’s going to get you down to the bottom.
Whether you tie your own or buy a pretied rig, that’s up to you. I quite like Pretied rigs because they are very convenient.
Below is a video showing how to tie the tinganoster rig without a flasher on it. This rig. Is effective with. Either a circle hook or a long Shank Size 6. The Pretied come with a long shank or  Reedy’s Whiting Whispera Circle hook.

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How To Tie The Best Whiting Rig Video

Click On Image to Make Larger.

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The Tinagnoster is Pre Made With the Fly 

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What is the best rod combo for King George whiting?

Really, it just comes down to the angler. Whatever you feel comfortable with. There is no right or wrong answer for this, but normally want something light and. And depending on your fishing style, if you want to flexi rod tip or a stiff tip, both work well. My preferred Fishing Combo is a 2500 or a 3000 (size of the Reel) Spooled with 6lb mono. On light rod 1 to 3kg rod (size of the Rod ).
Braid or Mono Both works fine I Prefer mono.
My favorite combo. I’m running right now. Is a 3000 Shimano Stradic C14. The fishing rod is. A Shimano Impact XT 6102. Spin 3 to 6 kilos. Spoiled with 6lb (platypus Brand Mono) tied with Reedy’s Tinganoster with The Longshank version in red Flasher Color.

Best Tide’s to Catch KGW

What is the best tide to Catch KGW? Tides are very important, the old Saying if there is no Run. there is no Fun, it’s this simple when there are bigger tides. Whiting is easy to catch, on the Small tide’s harder to catch, your bite times might be shorter on the small tides. Below is an image showing a good tide and a bad tide in willy weather.

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Willy weather is a great free app to use to plan your Fishing Trips.


How to Fish & Catch King George Whiting?

Below is a short video. of us catching whiting in winter. Generally, you can catch Whiting all year. The best times are probably in late, spring and Christmas time, but. The Whiting will migrate from various areas of bays and estuaries and back to the Ocean. if you follow that migration you can stay on fish all year. This will be different in every location around Australia.  Work out what the fish do in the area where you are fishing & you will become more Successful.

Where Can I Find King George whiting? GPS Marks

Below is a short video of us showing how to find your own GPS marks. If you watch the whole video. You learn a few things about Whiting.

Best Bait’s – I like Fresh squid Cut into Small Squares, muscles, pippies / Cockle’s And that’s about it.


Filleting Whiting & Cleaning King George whiting.

Below is a short video of Dale showing us how he likes to skin and clean Whiting. Taking the skin off whiting is optional.
Some people like the taste of the skin and leave it on.
You can also make a small triangular cut and remove the pin bones. But all this does is take more time,

 Using A Lowrance Sound to Find The Channel Edge to Catch Whiting

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