Mastering Gummy Shark Fishing: Tackle, Rigging, and Hook Selection

Gummy sharks are known for their strength and power, making the right tackle essential for a successful catch. A reliable fishing rod and reel combo is a must-have.

For targeting gummy sharks, an ideal fishing combo consists of an 8 to 10Kg rod paired with a fishing reel size 8000 or above. Since you may encounter other large fish species like bronze whalers and seven-gill sharks, using heavy tackle is recommended.

In this video, I demonstrate the outfit I use: a Shimano Stradic 8000 fishing reel spooled with 40lb quality braid, paired with a Shimano Sentire Stealth fishing rod (model number 691 pelagic PE 3 to 6). While this combo may be pricier, it offers excellent value as it can be used for casting at school tuna as well as targeting snapper and gummy sharks in Westernport Bay.

Shimano is a preferred brand due to their 10-year warranty and high-quality tackle.

The type of fishing rig you choose depends on various factors such as the fishing location and the type of seabed and currents present. It’s important to make a decision based on these factors.

In the video, we fish in an area with approximately 12 meters of depth and strong currents. In such situations, a running rig with 80lb leader and a dropper 600mm off the bottom is effective. However, if you’re fishing in areas like Port Phillip Bay with little to no current, a paternoster rig will suffice.

Gummy Sharks Can be Caught Year Round. Below is a Video Showing how we Catch !! And Below that i will talk about Tackle & how to Catch.

When it comes to hooks, Reedy’s Rig brand offers excellent options. For gummy sharks, I recommend using circle hooks. However, in the video, I use 187 hooks (Lumo Suicide Hooks) in a snell running rig setup, ranging from 5/0 to 7/0. The choice of hook will depend on your preference, whether you plan to release or keep the fish.

By employing the right tackle, rigging techniques, and hook selection, you’ll be well-equipped to master gummy shark fishing with confidence.

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187 Lumo Hooks Can Be  Purchased Here

The UV singles are extremely good at day & night . Two of the three fish we caught on this trip came on the UV singles .

When targeting gummy sharks inshore, particularly around the moon, you’ll find that larger gummy sharks come closer to the shore to drop off their pups overnight. Additionally, smaller gummy sharks are often active as they move in and out of the bays in search of crabs and other food sources. Therefore, fishing for gummy sharks is most productive during the week leading up to and following the moon phase. However, gummy sharks can be caught day or night at any point during the moon cycle.

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