Gummy Shark’s How to Catch

Gummy Sharks Can be Caught Year Round. Below is a Video Showing how we Catch !! And Below that i will talk about Tackle & how to Catch.

Fishing Outfit For Gummy Sharks.

Gummy sharks are strong powerful fish. so, using the right tackle is so important. A good fishing rod and reel combo is necessary.

A good general fishing combo for gummy sharks would be a rod in the 8 to 10Kg. Perfectly balanced with a fishing reel in the size 8000 or above. often when fishing for gummy sharks you’ll come across other fish large fish species like bronze whalers and seven kill sharks. so, it’s a great idea to go heavy Tackle.

The outfit I’m using in this video is a Shimano Stradic 8000 fishing reel. Spooled with 40lb Quality Braid. The fishing rod is a Shimano Sentire stealth it and the model number is 691 pelagic PE 3 to 6 . although this is an expensive combo you get good value because I can use this combo in for casting at school tuna and also for snapper / Gummy Sharks in Westernport Bay.

I like Shimano because they offer a 10 year warranty and generally the tackle is really good.

So the kind of fishing rig you want to run really determines where you fishing and what type of ground whether the currents moving or not moving.  So you need to make a choice relating to that.

in the video we are fishing an area which is roughly about 12 metres and a fair bit of current pushes through so what’s important is your bait to get down to just off the bottom and you want your bait to sit straight in the current.

in this type of situation, I use a running rig with 80lb leader and a Dropper . 600mm of the  bottom. If there’s no current and you’re fishing in port Phillip Bay or somewhere where there is no current a paternoster rig will do the do the trick.

Obviously, our choice of hooks are going to be our own Reedy’s Rig  Brand. I like to use circle hooks for gummy sharks but also use 187 (Lumo Suicide Hooks) in this video. basing your choice of hook. Would depend what you want to do with the fish. if you want to either eat or release. I would recommend using circle hooks. But if I want to keep the fish I prefer using 187 hooks in Snell Running Rig 5/0 -7/0 . like in the video.

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187 Lumo Hooks Can Be  Purchased Here

The UV singles are extremely good at day & night . Two of the three fish we caught on this trip came on the UV singles .

When fishing inshore for gummy sharks often around the moon the big gummy’s will come and drop their pups off overnight time. but also smaller gummy sharks are more active transiting in and out of the bay’s to search for crabs and various other food sources. So I  like fishing for gummy sharks a week either side of the moon. but you can also catch him anytime day or night in any part of the moon.

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