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Exploring the waters for Snapper fish can be an exciting adventure. However, knowing where to start can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, we’ve got some generic GPS marks for you to consider. Remember, these coordinates are just a starting point. The true art of fishing involves studying the conditions, observing the marine life, and listening to your intuition. Here they are:


Black Rock     37°59.939’S 145°1.746

Mt Martha  May 12 m 38.17.445  144.58.310

Mud   Shipping Channel  21 m  38.07.394  144.55.990 Burly Pot on the Bottom. Run in tide / Big tide / don’t fish small tide High Barometer./ week either side on full moon.

Mordy  19 m 38.02.689 144.58.519 Burly Pot on the Bottom. Run in tide

Altona  6 m 37.53.022  144.51.429  Reef fish  Sunset / early morning After rough Weather.

Rickets Point  6 m 38.00.024  145.01.758   Reef fish  Sunset / early morning After rough Weather.

Artificial  38.08.468  145.05.469  After rough Weather work though Pinkies, Sunset Avo.

Mornington 38.10.251  145.01.604 Burly Pot on the Bottom. Run in tide / Big tide /

Mentone 38.00.205  145.03.734  Fish Back to Reef Sunset / Sep / October.

Ricketts point  Winter  37°59.591’S 145°1.428 All Year

Squid Spots

Mentone 38.00.138 145.03.734E

Mt Martha  38.18.788 144.59.124E

Mentone 38°0.196’S 145°3.899E around the tide change.

Frankston  38° 9.622’S 145° 5.243’E

Kayak Spots in Close 

Frankston  Squid 38° 09.314 ‘s  145°05.446’e

Frankston  Squid 38 09. 501  145 06 002

Mt Eliza    Snapper After Rough Weather 38.11.924 145.03.599

Mt Eliza    Squid      38.11.935     145 03 644    1Hr before after tide change

Mt Eliza   Snapper Sunset / Night / After Big Blow

38.10.700  145.04.258


Squid Gps

DROMANA 38°18.722’S 144.59.082  Drift Area

MORNINGTON 38° 12.833′ S 145° 1.720′ Drift Area


St Leonards 38° 11.416’S 144° 44.186’E  Fish Run in tide move around look for sand holes who Area is Good

Rye Whitting Run out tide 38°20.565’s 144° 45.493’E Run out tide..

Gummy Shark

38°18.189 ‘S 144°43.265’E Fish a small Tide Run in, a few days Before & After Full moon Run in Tide, Big Gummies. Must-Have Fresh Bait (Big Sinkers, WP Rig)

38°17.183’S 144°42.806 Fish a small Tide Run in, a few days Before & After Full moon Run in Tide, Big Gummies.  Must-Have Fresh Bait, (Big Sinkers, WP Rig )

38°18.813’S 144°43.873  Big Rub in Tide.

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