Pre Tied Flasher Rigs For Sale

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Pre Tied Flasher Rigs For Sale

#1 Post by ortsib » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:13 am

Snapper Rigs Pre Made Fishing Rigs Various Types Of Bottom Flasher Tied Rigs ... re on EBay

Snapper Pre Made Fishing rigs Are an awesome when your fishing for Snapper and Reef fish. Rigged with a flasher tied on a paternoster its ready to fish straight out of the packet. whether you're targeting whiting from the surf or catching Flathead in a boat. it is best to use a piece of bait. When fishing the snell Hook Running rig i recommend you only add enough lead to get to the bottom. The rig features Suicide Hooks. this rig is ideal if your not going to release the fish. it is ideal for fishing whole baits like a pilchard or a fresh Australian Salmon. The Whiting Whispera is Favorite To maximize your catch rates the circle hooks are effective when using Multiple rods as most whiting bites are fast and over quick. The Octopus Circle Hook is used for bigger fish size's in states Such as Western Australia & South Australia and is rigged on Heavy leader 80lb Size 6/0 Hook are most fished. Victoria 5/0 is the Most fished & in New South Wales the 4/0 is Very Common. Winter Snapper up In Queensland Most anglers fish a range of sizes and colors. Northern Territory the rig is most popular for reef fishing offshore.

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