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Flasher Rigs & Snapper Snatchers fishing rigs By Reedy’s rigz Magic Pre-Tied Paternoster fishing rigs Reedy’s rigz offers Custom Fishing rigs & Tackle All our fishing tackle is Made in Australia .

Fishing Rig  “Flasher” Rig is a type of  Fishing Pre-Tied Rigged Paternoster 

Flasher Rigs By Reedy’s rigs can be used for surf fishing also. This is Pretty common for Flasher rigs in Australian & New Zealand waters.
So when Fishing a Flasher Rig Just tie onto your main line, and attach a star sinker to it and cast into the Surf & You’re ready to fish.
Flasher Rigs In the surf Are Excellent & I have caught many Australian salmon , Talior , from the surf on Beach’s Around Australia The Flasher Works a Treat. Many of my Mate’s fish the Rig Also Local Charter Operators’ Commonly use Reedy’s Rigz around Port phillip Bay along With A snelled Rigs Set up. So you Always want to have aleast on flasher rig out . I also Know Fishermen who use them Religiously they also catch other fish like gummy sharks reef fish, mulloway and many more fish .