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Snapper Fishing Rigs By Reedy rigs are have been a top-selling rig for a few years now. I thought it was about time to explain how the fishing rig works.

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snapper fishing Rigs are pre-tied fishing rigs. They come in a range of Hook sizes and Flasher lure colours, but they all use circle hooks, Hand tied on a paternoster arrangement which the fishing ling strength can vary from 20lb or 30lb used for Whiting, Bream or Australian Salmon to as heavy as 60lb or 80lb leader for the bigger fish like Mulloway & Reef Fish.

The Lure Part of the fishing rig is Lumo infused flasher material attached to the top of the circle hooks and a Lumo bead that sits above each hook .The Rig is like a sabiki rig but in a bigger scale the movement though jigging or the natural rocking of the boat helps lure in the fish .

Reedy’s rigz can be used for surf fishing rig in the smaller model Size #4. Snapper Rigs in 5/0 are , very effective in the surf. I have caught a number of Australian salmon from the surf on The Paternoster Snapper Rig , and they are fished regularly to catch other species like gummy sharks & Tailor .

if you’re fishing landbased from a pier or out of a boat, it is a good idea  to use bait on your rig. Strips of squid is a good bet , especially in the surf. Pass the hook through the strip just once, towards one end of the bait, just as you would for normal circle hooks.

Once you have your Snapper Rig rigged, baited and in the water Sit back & relax you don’t need to strike the circle hook will catch the fish , just a lift of the fishing rod once it is fully buckled should see a good hook up .

Whiting Fishing Rigs Are great to Fish in Many environments , for instance they fish Excellent in the surf when targeting Australian Salmon From the Beach , Just find a Suitable gutter along a stretch of coastline beach , and i’m Confident you Come up trumps. I can tell you first hand there just as good as the old surf poper from a recent trip ,we had some red hot session’s casting out to the gutters .We caught Silver Bream , Sand Whiting , Mullet Australian Salmon , Silver Trevally & Tarwhine And Just on the Whiting Rig .

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We Have Tried & Tested this Whiting rig with alot of Success, Fishing in winter we fished cat bay And caught some thumping King Gorge Whiting .The Bloodworm Rig Perform well. Things to note the barometer was high and the wind had back off i think when fishing in vic in the winter time its import to fish the rising barometer . The Bait that was used was a Combination of Mussel & Pipi which we purchased from the Local Market . We also Caught a few squid early up middle spit before we Went down to cat bay . Another good area to fish in the winter for whiting is the top end of port Phillip bay out near Mud island near the old Fort . Fished this area Plenty of times and it fishes much like western port just not as much boat traffic which i enjoy. Also over portsea & sorrento fish Excellent just look for a sandy Patch between all the boats anchor on the weed fish back to the sand hole .

Great For Tackling Many of Australia’s Bay’s N oceans you can be confident you can fish this paternoster rig in your area Try & tested in Many regions. Awesome priced its a must for your tackle box .

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