Fishing rigs Setting up for Snapper Tying a Pre-rigged Rig vs Handmade Tackle Video & Diagrams .

Fishing rigs come in a variety of types. This straightforward guide explains different fishing rigs used for targeting Snapper, Mulloway, and many other saltwater fish. We will be focusing on various rigs like the Snapper Snatcher, known for its flasher lure and lumo bead that are designed to attract fish.

Twin hook setups are widely popular across Australia, with snell hooks being ideal for baiting Pilchards and other fresh baits. Paternoster fishing rigs, stripped of any fancy lures and flashers, are a universal rig. They are excellent for both deep and shallow water fishing, making them one of the most commonly used rigs globally.

Single hook setups are also an efficient choice. You can either prepare these yourself or opt for pre-rigged fishing rigs available at tackle shops or online platforms like eBay and Amazon.

For a detailed demonstration on tying a Snapper Rig, check out the video below.

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How To Tie A Totally Awesome Fishing Rig Double Snell Uni Knot Sliding Sinker (Running )

Snell Rigs – Best suited for fishing in Mud Bottom, Sand Bottom, fast moving currents, Rivers, Bays (such as Port Phillip, Bay Morton Bay, South Australia’s St Vincent’s Gulf and Spencer Gulf), There not ideal for reefy coastlines or reefs in deep water.


Tie Your Fishing Rigs as In the guide The Snell Rig is common Fished in port Phillip bay Victoria Australia another rig to tie is a western port rig

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When it comes to fishing in Mud Bottom, Sand Bottom, fast-moving currents, Rivers, or Bays (like Port Phillip, Morton Bay, St Vincent’s Gulf, and Spencer Gulf in South Australia), the Snell Rig reigns supreme. However, it isn’t the ideal choice for reefy coastlines or deep-water reefs.

Follow this guide to learn how to tie a Snell Rig, a popular choice in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia. An alternative rig to consider is the western port rig Snapper Rig or Flasher Fishing Pre Rigged on a Paternoster Dropper Rig.

These pre-made or rigged rigs, available from various retailers, are great for targeting Snapper and other fish species. The Flasher Rig, akin to a Paternoster type rig, has a unique allure due to its built-in lure or fly, enabling its use as both a lure and a bait rig. Though the lure does decently on its own, for maximum efficiency, it is advised to bait them up, particularly when surf fishing.

Reedy’s Rigs Snapper “SupaLumo” has recently gained popularity due to its effectiveness and affordability. Please note that in certain Australian states, you might need to remove a hook as fishing with more than two hooks is against the law. The Flasher Rigs “flasher” proves excellent for surf fishing, luring fish such as Salmon or Tailor, functioning much like a surf popper. It’s definitely worth having an Ultra Rig in your tackle bag.

Flasher Rigs are ideally suited for fishing in Bays, Rivers, Shallow water reefs, Deep sea fishing, fast-moving currents, land-based fishing (e.g., Off a pier), beach/surf fishing, and straight drop fishing from your boat.

You can rig a Snell or Twin Hook Fishing Rig yourself, or purchase them pre-made online or through your local tackle shop. When rigging, consider using suicide hooks as Snell circles hooks can defeat their purpose. I recommend using 187 Beak Octopus hooks. Reedy’s Rigs offer great pre-made Snell Suicide Hook Pre Tied on a robust trace known as Reedy’s “Slack Pack”. These are available in packs of 5 rigs of hooks online through Snapper Fishing Tackle and are perfect for catching big Snapper.

Tying a fishing rig can be simple yet occasionally frustrating. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a few pre-rigged before you head out fishing. Below is a straightforward video on how to rig them, including links to online shops I recommend for those who prefer to attach a pre-made rig to their main line and start fishing immediately.

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