Fishing rigs Setting up for Snapper Tying a Pre-rigged Rig vs Handmade Tackle Video & Diagrams .

Tying Fishing Rig Diagram tying Snapper Rigs Snell Hook Uni Knot

Fishing Rigs – There are many different types of fishing rigs. This is a simple web page explaining different fishing rigs you would use to target Snapper, Mulloway and many other saltwater fish. We will be looking at the types of rigs like a Snapper Snatcher, which has a flasher lure with lumo bead to attract fish.  Twin hook set ups are a popular fishing rig around Australia.  The snelled hooks make them ideal for baiting Pilchards and other fresh baits.  Paternoster fishing rigs are a common rig without all the fancy lures & flashers.  They are great for targeting deep water & shallow water fish and are one of the more commonly used fishing rigs on this planet.  Then there is a single hook setup which is also a fantastic rig.  You can easily rig them yourself or buy pre-rigged fishing rigs from tackle shops or Online fishing websites like e-bay and amazon. Video Below On Snapper Rig tying 

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Squid Fishing Tips 

Snapper Snatcher Fishing Rig Pre Made Vist Ebay To Get 10 Rigs For 39.00 Here

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How To Tie A Totally Awesome Fishing Rig Double Snell Uni Knot Sliding Sinker (Running )

Snelled Rigs – Best suited for fishing in Mud Bottom, Sand Bottom, fast moving currents, Rivers, Bays (such as Port Phillip, Bay Moreton Bay, South Australia’s St Vincent’s Gulf and Spencer Gulf), There not ideal for reefy coastlines or reefs in deep water.

Tie Your Fishing Rigs as In the guide The snell Rig is common Fished in port phillip bay Victoria Australia another rig to tie is a western port rig

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Snapper Rigs Snatchers or Flasher Fishing Pre-Rigged on a Paternoster Dropper Rig.

Target Snapper and other fish species. The Rig comes pre-made or rigged from various different retailers.  The Flasher Rig is like a Paternoster type rig but it has an original look to the fishing rig.  It has a lure or fly built into the hooks enabling you to use the rig as a lure as well as a bait rig.  The lure in the rig does ok but its recommended you bait them up for maximum efficiency, unless fishing in the surf.  There truly are many fish you can catch on a Snapper Snatcher.  They are  also a very handy Offshore and Inshore fishing rig.  The Flasher rig is a hot little number and is rated very highly.  I have previously been a fan of  Snapper Catchers but lately I have moved over to Reedy’s Rigz Snapper ” PinkBlitz” as they seem to fish rather well and are a decent price.  You can also try Mustard Rigs, but in various states of Australia you will need to cut one hook off because it’s against the law to fish more then two hooks.  Its also worth noting that the Flasher Rigs “flasher” are awesome in the Surf.   The flasher lure really works a treat and lures the fish such as Salmon or Tailor just to name a few, in the surf. The flasher works much like a surf popper.  I would definitely have a Snapper Snatcher Flasher Rig in my tackle bag.

Flasher Rigs – Best suited for fishing in Bays, Rivers, Shallow watered reefs, Deep sea fishing, fast moving currents, landbased (eg. off a pier), off the beach/surf fishing, last but not least if your fishing from your boat drop them straight down, don’t cast them.

Below are some of my recommend fishing rigs By snapper Fishing Tackle.

 Snapper Snatchers rigs .      Snelled Rigs here.          Mircro Jigs For snapper 


Snelled Fishing Rig with Twin Hooks tying Double Snell Knots with a running sinker

Snelled or Twin Hook Fishing Rigs can either be rigged yourself, or you can purchase them online or through your local tackle shop. To rig them you will need a leader to suit the size of the fish you are targeting.  Cut the leader and snell your rig.  Its best you use suicide hooks as snelling circles hooks can defeat the purpose of what the circle hook was designed for.  I use Mustard “Big reds”, otherwise Beak Octopus hooks work very well too.  Penn have a great range when rigging yourself and Reedy’s rigz have great pre-rigged Snelled Suicide Hook Pre-Rigged on a tough trace called Reedys “Slack Pack”.  These are sold in packs of 5 rigs of hooks Online through Snapper Fishing Tackle and are fantastic for big Snapper.  I recently caught a nice 20lb fish on this rig which is now mounted on my wall.  Snelling a fishing rig is a simple process but can also be annoying at times. It is always a great idea to have a few Pre-rigged before you head out fishing.  Below is a simple video on how to rig them and i also included links to Online shops I recommend to buy from which are handy if your lazy like me and just want to tie on a rig to your main line and start fishing.

Paternoster Fishing Rigs with Circle Hooks – How to tie a Dropper Rig with loops .

Paternoster Rigs are fishing rigs just like the Snapper Snatchers but without the flasher or feather fly.  The Rig is normally rigged with two hooks or can have just one.  The latest trend for these Paternoster Rigs is to rig them with circle hooks, which fish well.  The type of hooks i use for hand rigging when it comes to circle’s is owners or gamakatsu octopus hooks bulk packs can be pick up for a cheap price and great value.

Single Hook Rig/Sliding Fishing Rig – Simple set up for Snapper Fishing or Bream & Estuary Fish.

This fishing rig is set up very easy and is most commonly used when fishing for the likes of Bream and Flathead. It is a nice rig for a sandy place like the beach or fishing spots where snags are minimal.  Your best to avoid this type of rig and use a Paternoster Rig to avoid snags as you can get lots of snags if your fishing a reefy or rocky bottom.  This particular rig is very effective if your fishing with mono rather then braid.  You just have to place a ball sinker on your mainline, tie a swivel on, add some leader and a hook and its as simple as that.

Single Hook/Sliding Hook Rig – Best suited for fishing in Lakes, Estuary’s, Rivers, Dams, Freshwater.

Below is an image of a simple sliding fishing rig


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