Snapper Report 2016 Port Phillip Bay

Snapper Fishing Report Port Phillip Bay Red’s

Snapper Fishing Report  Port Phillip bay . Plenty Of Reds From Mt Eliza Deep to Ricketts Point . We have Found Snapper In Shallow at Mt Eliza in 7 meters Along Reef Country  & Ricketts Ponit North all the way to Half Moon bay . 6 to 14 meters  .

Out wide from  Carrum  in 18.5 Meters On the Back of the Outer reef on the Mud all the Way out to the shipping channel We have Found Scatted Xmas trees on our Furnuno Fish finder .

Gaso Meter  has Also seen some nice reds .

Best Baits Have Been Whole Pilchards & Silver Whitting    The Rig Of Choice Has Beed the trust Snapper Snatcher By Reedy’s Rigz Keeps Getting it Done This Year

Map Of Hot spots Below


Port Phillip Bay Snapper Map Hot Spots Gps Marks 2016 Melbourne

Map  Of Port Phillip bay Bagged Out At carrum  Where the Arrow is Yester Day 6 fish Caught And our Boat wasnt the only boat out there Smashing them .

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Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

Snapper Snatchers By Reedy’s Rigz Getting It Done 2016 Fishing

Snapper Fishing Rigs Flasher Lure Paternoster Snell Running Float Line 60lb 80lb Snatch a Snapper This Season 2016
Snapper Snatchers  Are an awesome when your fishing for big reds and other fish .Rigged with a Snapper flasher lure rig jig Ready straight out of the packet for fishing .it is best to Spices up your SnapperSnatcher with a piece of fresh bait . Once you have your The flasher rigged, baited and in the water, sit back and relax The circle hooks, are designed to Pin the fish in the corner of the mouth . A great way to fish for snapper with Rigz is on the bottom of the sea Floor . Dont cast out the flasher rig , just drop it down to the bottom . The lure flasher will Move around in the current and act like a lure and double your chances to catch that big red

Rigs Fish Well In Most Waters E.g Port Phillip Bay ,Western port ( Slack Tide ) Corner Inlet golden Beach ,Melbourne , Carrum , Mornington ,

snapper report port phillip bay