Fishing Report Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Snappper Australia

Fishing Report Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Snapper Reds on the Chew with video

Snapper Report Port phillip Bay the Reds are Heading South .  We fished off mt eliza early morning  in 17m  caught many big reds. The Snapper are clearly heading south towards mornington . We also caught many reds the day before off frankston in 16.5 m . Stand out baits were Silver whiting.  Most of the fish were caught on Reedy’s Ultra Rigs on Lumo 7/0 Hook  as you Can See in the video.  We Launched out frankston at 4am the ramp was fantastic. No issues with getting over the sandbar on this morning the council have done a fantastic job this year. Lets hope they keep it up. . Once out fishing  we were Harassed by seals and the young cooper was hoping to catch his first snapper. i won’t spoil what happens you can watch the video. In the Middle of the Day. i recommend  fishing wider , the day before we  found lots of  fish in 18m to 21m. These are the area’s I would be looking to catch a snapper over the next few weeks leading up to Xmas , i find this time of year now to Xmas, The  fish will either leave the bay via , mornington 15m to 17m or really wide in line with southern channel’s . this one of my favourite time to catch a red. good luck out there we have left the comment box open for chatter. Cheers Brett .

Things To Always Do – Burley Hard , Sound up groups of single Arches in one area  or  Look for xmas tree’s Fish Reef’s i find during the day the fish will come to these area for protection , it may not be a hot bite but a slow and steady bite on the reef’s. Alway have a ( at least two kinds) mixed of bait’s  from Sliver whiting , pichard , squid ,scad , Fresh Australian Salmon even flathead fillets. Always have snell rigs & at least one Ultra rig Out , some days they will out fish the snell’s , to keep flathead away i recommend silver whiting heads pin though once

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 Intense Fishing in Port Phillip bay at it’s Best In Melbourne

Young Cooper Holding up a Nice fish for the Camera.

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