Fishing Report Mornington Frankston Port Phillip Bay

Fishing Report Mornington Frankston Port Phillip Bay

Fishing Report Mornington from Port Phillip Bay. With the water temp about to drop in Port Phillip Bay, just like clock work the Snapper will come back on the bite.  We headed out to a location not expecting to catch a Snapper but just going to get a good feed of Pinkie’s, Flathead & Squid.

Fishing Report Mornington Snapper caught in Port Phillip Bay

Fishing Report Mornington / Mt Eliza   Snapper, Pinkies, Squid  & Australian Salmon were all on the menu, as we went out two hours before the high tide to Mornington Reef  ( GPS mark  below ), North East from Mornington to Mt Eliza, we had a hot bite of good sized Pinkie’s to 1kg & my mate caught this Snapper that was 3kg, at sunset on fresh Squid.  Before all this action took place we managed a good drift for squid at the top of the tide, catching a good sized feed & fresh Squid for bait that turned into Snapper 🙂 See Below. Went looking for some Flathead but we were happy to take this instead.

Snapper GPS Mark Mornington Reef 38° 10. 541’s 145°4.393’E

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Frankston Oliver’s Hill Salmon  Port Phillip Bay

On the way to Mornington we stopped at Oliver’s Hill & Trolled some skirted lure’s about 8cm long, turn them into some Bay Trout ( Salmon), (GPS Mark of Area 38° 9. 210’s 145°6.281’E). You can troll lure’s along the back of the reef on Oliver’s Hill. Be careful as there is one rock that stick’s out of the water, you can troll this area pretty much any time and come up with Salmon, in fact we troll all the way to the along the shallow’s parallel to land and all the way to Mornington Reef, using little skirted lures with single hooks are the go as you don’t get your line twisted and hook up rate is far better then on hard-body lures. Salmon are notorious for throwing hooks.

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Fishing Report Carrum Snapper Flathead

One our friends Came home yesterday with a 7kg Snapper out from Carrum was taken on Pilchard so it pretty clear the reds will be on the bite very soon over Easter and as the nights start to get cooler.