Fishing Report Melbourne Gummy Sharks South Channel Port Phillip Bay

Fishing Report Melbourne Gummy Sharks South Channel Port Phillip Bay

Gummy Sharks – Launching out Rye on Sunday afternoon about 3pm we had a high tide at around 8:30pm The goal was to target Gummy Sharks and the key to Gummy sharks is fresh Bait , we struggled to find Salmon , so we Shot down to Sorrento Squid Grounds and got about dozen fresh squid.

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Squid Is Really easy to catch in the Southern end of Port Phillip Bay.  Just look for weed banks & broken ground. in Map on the right is where we got our fresh squid , there are lots of moored Small boats around , flick your jigs around and it should not  take long to get a few, there is also some good whiting ground in there to , Simply look for the sand hole’s .

To Rig Up For Whiting This How we Did it  Video

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10kg Gummy Shark Caught Reedy’s Dominator 8/0 Hooks

South Channel

Fishing The Run out tide ,  With a western port rig and a Size 8/0 Dominator circle hook , it was really simple to catch a gummy shark .

Key Factors

  • Fresh Bait Such as Salmon ,Trevally , Squid baccuda , Fresh Blood Bait
  • Fishing Channel Edge
  • Bait a Chunk / Lip hook Head / Squid Rig the goal is to make sure baits dont spin .
  • Good Sharp Hook

We Used 8/0 Reedy’s Dominator Circle Hooks From Here


Diagram of Gummy Shark Rig

A Close look at a running rig for gummie sharks click to enlarge

We Had to fish 20 once Lead  to hold bottom and work though catching rubbish fish such as banjo shark ,7 gillers & Ray’s.

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Fishing Tackle


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