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Western Port: Last Week we Fished the top-end of wp. fishing out Corinella boat ramp. We Caught a good range of Fish From gummies, Trevally, Salmon, and Snapper. 6 Reds in total. we managed to get a Video Here it is Below.

Below is an image of the top-end of the western port. If you didn’t know what I was talking about you can see all the channels.. click here to enlarge the image.    

topend western port,

I would Hope these snappers hang around for a few more weeks. Throughout the winter Period. If you can get out this week.  I feel you’re a good chance fishing the run-in tide. find a channel there is plenty and position yourself on the edge (around 5-7m Deep) as the water flows up these fish are coming up on the mudflats to feed. then running back out to the ocean I feel. The fish we caught were so red like they had just come in from the ocean.

Tackle Used we fished a Standard WP Rig with a Reedy’s Single UV Circle . UV Sleeve for extra Protection from toothy’s. if you don’t know how to tie one, I’ve made a video, sorry it’s not the best. I made 5 years ago but it does the job Video Here 

GPS Mark, I don’t think giving a Gps mark will Help. I have Spoken to Many fisho’s & their catching in all different areas But mainly up the top-end of the port. Back yourself and the rewards are so much more satisfying.

Bait  Make sure you have some fresh Squid, and always have a smaller rig with whiting hook out catching fresh trevally, Salmon Yakka’s like we did in the video. They make the Best Gummy shark bait.

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Squid Whitting Report 

Yesterday I was Down the Mornington Pier and Some mates were catching Land-based snapper. with the big wind, the snapper came into shallow water, for the next few months as they slowly head south out of port Phillip Bay. into the warmer waters of the ocean. for the next month or two, (until the Bay water Temp is Colder than offshore water Temp) some Areas you would like to try. Fish a Runout tide is around 7m of Frankston to Mt Martha all along the coastline try to Anchor up on the edge of a Natural reef, I find them with my Lowrance side scan. it seems the reds are leaving shallow this Year. People think you need Big winds to catch reds in shallow. That’s not true. snapper can turn up anywhere at any time.

Bait- Fresh Squid is the Go this time of year, it’s Soft or Small Pilchard Chunks.

Back your Self and Try Ethier 7m coastline or Superwide of Mornington 21m Plus.


Have Moved into the Local Pier’s Frankston, Mornington & Even Mordy.

Bait Live Maggots & Silverfish.

Squid – the big dogs will be around, it’s been great the last few months of Frankston & Mornington easily catching your bag. Anyday Mud island will start to fire.

Whitting is still getting smashed over in st Leonards’s, I went a few weeks ago and we got 40 fish no worries.

It’s very important to fish the run-in tide fishies the best. the Runout is better on this Side of the bay, Rye, Sorrento, etc. try to fish 3m to 7m deep.

I feel the chance increase around early morning / of afternoon sunset. Look for sand holes and fish them, seriously it’s super easy once you get it right.

Thanks, guy’s and I hope you have a great week fishing!!! if you like this Report let me know in the comments below.  Please forgive my grammar it’s not the best.😅

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