Reedy’s Ultra Rigs Fishing a Pre Tied Rig

Snapper Rigs Reedy’s Ultra Fishing Rigs Pre Tied Rigs For Bait.

Reedy’s ultra rigs are a hand-tied Snapper & Reef fishing rig with flasher “lure” tied on a paternoster.  This Ultra rig can be used to catch a range of fish not just snapper. The Paternoster rig is great for bottom feeding fish. The Rig is tied on a Strong 80lb leader in various size’s ranging from 80lb the rig can be fished from any platform’s including your boat. . When fished in a surf environment it can be highly effective from the beach as the flasher moves around under the water attracting fish works great on Australian Salmon.  To maximize the rigs full potential it is recommended you use bait on the ultra rigs when targeting fish like Snapper, reef fish, but in the surf, it’s not needed on Australian Salmon.  Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are extremely popular in the fishing scene nationally and across the globe.  The Ultra rigs are also used offshore Bottom Bouncing deep water for flathead.  it simple to fish using this particular method Tie on your lead and you are in the game.
when baiting a Circle Hooks with Pilchards, squid we have found one of the best ways to bait a Pilchard is just to pin it through the nose of the bait so when the snapper grab your Bait you get a good hook up. Snapper Hit it the Head, it’s important to leave lots of hook gape & to make sure your bait is sitting straight in the current.

Whitting Rigs Pre Tied Snapper Rig Fishing Rigs Paternoster Fly
whiting rig Fishing rigs Hand Tied Flasher Fly On a Paternoster 30lb Trace Circle Hook Fantastic Bottom Bouncing.

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Surf Rig : Fishing Tackle Beach
Surf rigs Pre-tied For Beach fishing Land Based Surf Rig Rigged on a Paternoster Hand tied Great for Targeting Mulloway Australian Salmon.

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Rigs: Snapper Fishing rigs Pre-tied
Rigs Great for Catching Snapper Mulloway Pre-Tied Fishing tackle Hand-tied on a Paternoster Circle Hooks For bait fishing Lure up a Snapper.
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