Squid Fishing Port Phillip bay Winter

Squid Fishing Port Phillip bay is Fantastic fun and is easy to do. On this page, I will give some Tips & a Video on Catching a Squid.  Squid Fishing is Pretty Simple Tie on a Squid Jig. Use a size’s Between 2.5 – 3.5 Depending on the Flow of the Current. The Jig Needs to near the bottom.

Question How Do I Find Squid Spots?

Squid Live in Weed beds & broken Ground, In Port Phillip Bay most of the squid grounds are in shallow water from say 3-8m. to find some good grounds using your google maps and look for dark ground I will put an Example below.

Question What Size Jig & Colour Should I Fish In Port Phillip Bay?

Keep it Simple what Ever size you Need to get it to the Bottom. Color I have put together a Pack of I Use in the bay Squid Jigs I of Colours I like in Port Phillip if you want you can buy them here

Question What’s The Best way to Cast a Squid jig on the Boat?

There is No Right Anwser.. things like Wind, Drift Speed, Current Affected your drift as these conditions can be Variable, you need to cast whichever way will enable you to get the Squid jig Near the Bottom.


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squid gounds how to find squid spots

How to Find Squid Fishing Grounds/Spot’s in Port Phillip bay

There are a Few way’s you can find Squid ground’s in Port Phillip. using Google Map’s you can look at the Sattlite view and look for Dark patch’s Around the Shallow’s & look for a land Refrence mark and use the Scal to work it out. or Using Side Scan and your Sonar can also help. 

squid port phillip bay. fishing port phillip, squid , monster squid

A Monster Squid we Caught in Port Phillip bay 

A Few Day’s After making this video , we went back out to the same grounds caught this 46cm Hood in the bay alound with are bag of squid. Best Squid jig on this day was a Harimitsu Red Ve-22 AR 3.0 Jig

port phillip squid jig pack

Port Phillip Bay Squid pack

Hand Selected Port Phillip bay Squid Pack  Click here to Buy   

the Squid Jig’s are 3.0 great for the northen end of the bay and southern end on the Slower tides.