Fishing Bottom Rig not Just Snapper Endless Species

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Fishing Bottom Rigs Endless Species Tied  Not Just For Snapper

Reedy’s Rigz are pre-tied fishing rigs . They come in Many sizes and Flasher colours, and they all use circle hooks, which are tied on Strong 60lb Leader on a paternoster rig.
The reason the rigs are awesome to fish is the lure hand tied into each hook, which give’s you a bait in the water all the time , but it is a good idea to use bait on the rig to get full potential from the flasher .
Reedy’s rigz can be used for surf fishing also. For starters, it’s so simple to use. Tie on your rig to your main line, and attach a sinker to the other. Boom! You’re fishing!


Lets talk about surf fishing . I have caught many Australian salmon from the surf on Flasher rigs, and I know charter operators who use them more regularly also catch other species like gummy sharks, reef fish, mulloway and many more fish from there boats.

Target of Many species is endless. Basically, when you are fishing with bait you could increase your success rate by using Reedy’s Flasher rig instead of just bare hooks.

No matter whether you’re fishing from the Pier or Land based, it is best to freshen up your Flasher Rig hooks with a small piece of bait. A strip of pilchard is ideal, especially in the surf or from your boat.

Small fish fillets of cut up baitfish fish excellent on a flasher rig. When baiting up, it is a good practice’s to keep the gape of the hook Clear and Let the Hook Point Stay exposed .
Once you have your Flasher Rig rigged, baited and in the water, just sit back a relax! The circle hooks, will do there job and in most case’s the fish will hook it self , Once your rod is buckled over a simple lift is all that is required , and simply bring your fish in .

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See our Range of Tied Bottom Snapper Rigs Here
Some of the Place’s To Fish the Rig
South Australia Adelaide – Metro Fishing St vincent , Spencer gulf , offshore
Queensland Brisbane- Morton bay Winter Reds , Up North Reef Fishing .
Victoria Melbourne’s -Port phillip bay , Westernport , Eastern Sea Board
Western Australia – Perth Sound , Shark bay , albany
N.T – Reef

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