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Fishing Around Places of Austraila we fish melbournes port phillip bay , western port and south Australia’s gulfs such as spencer & st vincents . We enjoy a good photo and all our images from fishing around Differnet Parts of Austraila will be displayed  in our gallery  . We often post fishing reports and new snapper fishing techniques along with our thoughts and feelings for fishing .

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Fishing Melbournes Port Phillip bay for snapper

We are based in Melbourne and often fish port Phillip bay for snapper . Melbourne has one of the best snapper seasons   in early October and November snapper migrate from offshore reef and pour into the bay to spawn . This is a great time of year to catch a big red as they can be found by the thousands . The bay is basic a round sandy and mud bottom bay with no real  reef areas out wide. There  are a few artificial reefs but  but majority of the time you will be fishing a muddy bottom . Which gives you great opportunities to use your sounder to find a grazing snapper . In november it really dosent take long to find a snapper on your fish finder they should appear and look like an arch . Once you found fish they are normally schooled up together so be alert you may just find yourself catching more then one fish .


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