Simple Guide to Early Season Snapper Fishing in Port Phillip Bay

When to Fish

The early snapper season in Port Phillip Bay starts in September and lasts till November. The best times to fish are early in the morning or late in the evening.

Where to Fish

Snapper like places with lots of structures like rocks and reefs. Good spots in the bay include Fawkner Beacon, Rye and Sorrento.

The Equipment You Need

You need a strong rod and reel for snapper fishing. A 7-8ft rod with a 5000-6000 size reel is a good choice. Use a fishing line that can handle 15-20lb of weight.

Bait to Use

Snapper like fresh bait. You can use pilchards, squid, or silver whiting.

How to Fish

Put your bait on the hook and throw your line into the water. Wait until you feel a pull on the line. Then, slowly pull the line back in. Snapper are strong fish and will fight, so keep a steady grip on your rod.

Fishing is Fun

Fishing for snapper can be really exciting. When you feel a fish biting, your heart will beat faster. And when you pull a snapper out of the water, you will feel very happy. But remember, you might not catch a fish every time. That’s okay. Just being out on the water is fun.

Good luck with your early season snapper fishing in Port Phillip Bay!

A Full Video Series on How to Catch Snapper in Port Phillip Bay is Avablie Here Free

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Best rigs  areSnell twin hooks Suicide 4/0 & pre-made Snapper rig Reedy’s ultra

Snapper Season below is a video where I talk about the start of Snapper season Last year, but it still applies in 2019

You can see from the Depth Chart We like to  Fishing In these areas using our fishfinders to Locate the Fish.

We Fish Shimano Sonic Pro in the 6-8kg Combo up with a Senna 4000 spooled with 17lb mono.

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As Showen in the Chart, Snapper wide of Mornington & out Near the Shipping channel. There is Still plentiful Of Reds out from Carrum Black rock and Rickett’s Point.

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Gps Marks & Early Season Fishing Spots

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing Melbourne Beginners Guide To Catching Reds

Snapper Season South Australia The Ban is about to Be Lifted And Fishing Report will Start Coming In .
Proven Fishing Spots Of Reedy’s Flasher Rigs V.I.C
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