Reedy’s Rigs Dominator: Premium Offset Japanese Circle Hooks for Superior Fishing Performance

Reedy’s Rigs makes top-rated fishing gear and equipment for the whole family. Our highly popular fishing rigs such as the Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are used by professional fishermen as well as by hobbyists, with little or no knowledge of fishing.
Reedy’s Outlaw Hook Series  Improved Hooks
Our Reedy’s Ultra Rigs is already a best-selling product in tackle shops across Australia. We have had many fishing enthusiasts – experienced pros and newbies – approach us and tell us how it has improved their game and helped them catch the biggest fish.

A Quick Review of the Reedys Rigz Dominator Circle Hook Outlaw Series1 Read pdf

Reedy’s Rigs is renowned for creating high-quality fishing equipment suitable for the entire family. Our highly sought-after fishing rigs, such as Reedy’s Ultra Rigs, are utilized by both professional anglers and beginners with limited fishing experience.

Reedy’s Outlaw Hook Series features Enhanced Hooks

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs have already earned the status of a top-selling product in tackle shops throughout Australia. We’ve received feedback from numerous fishing enthusiasts – seasoned professionals and novices alike – expressing how our product has elevated their fishing experience and assisted in landing the biggest catch.

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Reedy’s Dominator Circle Hooks & 187 Outlaw Hook Series

Circle hooks are ecologically friendly fishing hooks, designed ideally for landing large freshwater or saltwater game fish like the Australian Snapper and Reef Fish. These hooks feature a distinctive round shape that pierces the fish as it swallows the bait.

When tension is applied to the line, the hook advances until it reaches the fish’s mouth, where it securely fastens to the mouth’s side. Although traditionally associated with saltwater fishing, these hooks are increasingly being used in freshwater environments too.

Reedy’s Circle Hooks stand out in the market with their highly effective design. They deliver on their promise – aiding in the capture of larger and more vigorous Snapper fish.

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Fishing Reedy’s Dominator Circle Hooks 
Reedy’s Dominator Hooks are considered ideal for a variety of fish species such as the Marlin, Large mouth Bass, Gummy Shark, Perch and Snapper.
Dominator Hooks are in many ways similar to Mosquito Hooks – they are designed for live baiting only. These are small-sized hooks that work well with small, fragile baits such as minnows or leeches.
Reedy’s Dominator Hooks are the best in the business. They are as good as they get. You can buy them with the Reedy’s Ultra Rigs at a nearby tackle shop, no matter where you’re in Australia.



Revolutionary Swivel and Hook System by Reedy’s Ultra Rigs – Australia’s Trusted Fishing Equipment Brand

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs showcase an enhanced terminal tackle, designed around an efficient swivel and hook system. This fishing swivel incorporates a roller or ball bearing, setting it apart from the conventional barrel swivel system employed by flasher rigs. Instead of barrels, the revamped swivel mechanism makes use of ball bearings to forestall line twisting, offering a more streamlined solution.

Reedy’s Rigs holds a notable position as one of Australia’s most dependable fishing brands. Those who have previously purchased our fishing rigs or other gear can attest to their quality. If you’re new to our product line, we suggest inquiring at your local tackle shop. To keep up with our latest offers and product updates, consider subscribing to our

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Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

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