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How to Catch Early Season Snapper in Western Port

Catching snapper in Western Port, a large tidal bay in Victoria, Australia, can be an [...]

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Bait Presentation Snapper Step By Step Guide

Hey Guys! Today, I’ll guide you through optimal bait presentation, ideal hook sizes, and types [...]

Tuna On Stick Bait Fishing Trip to Port Fairy

Fishing for southern Bluefin tuna our short video fishing out Port Fairy. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR [...]

Winter Garfish Melbourne Fishing Report

The Garfish are think around Port Phillip Bay. The last 3 Hour’s of the Day [...]

The Best Snapper Rigs for Port Phillip Bay: A Comprehensive Guide

There is no single best fishing rig for Port Phillip Bay as different rigs can [...]

Haines Hunter V19R: Classic Boat with Modern Superior Craftsmanship

The Haines Hunter V19R is a mono-hulled leisure craft that is primarily used as a [...]

Reedy’s Ultra Rigs Fishing Tackle Review Best Paternoster Dropper Rig On the Market

Fishing Tackle By Reedy’s Ultra Rigs Review Welcome to this review of Reedy’s Ultra Rigs, [...]

Squid Fishing Spots Melbourne Frankston with video & Maps Gps

Squid Fishing & Garfish Spots with Gps Marks & Maps Video On this page is  [...]