Catching Snapper Summer By Reedy’s Rigs

Best Bait FOr Summer Snapper

All Summer we like to catch snapper in Port Phillip.  Dont think you cant catch a Red in PPB All the Way to Easter. if you put in the effort .. in summer the Best bait’s for us are Silver whiting with the amount of small Pinkie’s this season. it’s been hard to keep a bait on the hook. the little pinkies will steal the bait with out you even knowing.. so checking your bait’s every 15 mins and reseting is a good idea.

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ulta Rigs By Reed'ys Rigs

Must have Rigs ULTRA RIGS Reedy’s Rigs now offers a New type of fishing rig, tied in a paternoster with new Dominator circle hooks with a straight shank to improve hook up, this rig has many features lets have a look at just some. The Difference Between a Flash er rig and an Ultra Rig. The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig than Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig, it Uses new fiber that reflex’s light the same way a UV Squid jig works. It is a game changer. 5x Brighter & luminous than a conventional flasher rig.

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187 Hooks

Snapper Fishing in the  Port Phiilip has its challenges, but it also has some fantastic opportunities to catch some  Summer snapper .  having the right gear will not only make it easier to catch but increase the amount you catch as well. You want to make sure that when you’re fishing for PPB Reds that you have the right hooks. Reedy’s Rigs 187 Hooks are made of a strong and durable Japanese steel that range in the sizes of 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, and 7/0. They are also Teflon coated and super sharp for a better catch. To make these even better, they are perfect for snapper, and a wide range of other fish species.

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