How To Catch a Summer Snapper In Port Phillip Bay By Reedy’s Rigs Video

In the Video Below is Me catching Snapper in Port Phillip Bay in summer . What People dont know in Victoira is That the Snapper Bite does last to mid July. In this Post Ill Give you a Few Tips Where to Look to catch one yourself.

Lets Asume you know How to Catch them in November & use all the right rigs, bait Etc .  As the water temp is now 20-22  the snapper are still in the bay in big number’s , picking the right tide and time to target them is Key. the best time’s is 3 day’s before & After the new moon, and 3 day’s Before and after the Full moon.

Where Should i Look , I would Suggest 19m and Deeper for these next few month’s until the water temp Start’s to Drop. which is normally around may. last Year in July we Caught a Snapper on the Boat Ramp Pier in 2m of water. My Ponit is Snapper Can Turn up Anywhere at any time.  As the Season goes on the later it Get’s i would sugest using a ULTRA Rig and Burleying extra hard with the Burly Pot on the bottom Floor. cut up pilchards work’s a Treat.  In the video these fish were not biting , we fired them up with Burley and had to free spool them to get  the fish to swallow the bait’s .

A Few Spot’s..

Some Good Spot’s Can be Carrum Outer , Carrum Wreck , Airplane Wreck , Deep of mornington , Deep of Frankston. Faulker Beacon Area, Deep of Rye , Mt Martha Deep