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Below is a video of us fishing the Ultra rigs on this page you find some information about them How to get the Most out them. To be Successful when snapper fishing it’s important to use a mixture of rigs and Baits. We recommend having at least one Paternoster Rig out in you Spread. Strip Bait’s Like squid rings are ideal. Another great bait is a silver whiting head & you can also fish chunks on pilchard below the video I have included some image’s that will help with bait your Ultra rigs.

Snapper Fishing Ultra rigs Pre Best Tied Rigs By Reedy’s Rigs from Reedy’s Rigs

Quality of a rig is very important while you can get away with cheap rigs for small pinkies but a real snapper over 3kg you want to use a quality fishing rig with good hook’s & there are a few reasons why.


  • A quality Rigs has Very sharp hooks and can improve your catch rate. it can also be used more than once if washed after use. Imagon your out fishing and only get one bite for the day. well, a quality hook you’re more likely to catch the fish. Reedy’s Ultra are hand tied with Dominator Circle hooks which are made from Japanese Steel & is my personal favorite circle hook on the market.
  • Another Reason is Big Snapper Bend and break hook’s Pulling up a trophy fish only to lose it to tackle failure.
  • UV Material on the Fly & Lumo hook add to attracting Fish it’s a new Point Difference snapper are seeing the same old thing day in day out.
  • Rolling Swivel vs Brass Swiel. The whole point of a Swivel is to prevent line twist. Brass Swivels are cheap and not effective. On Reedy’s Ultra Rigs we only use the best and you won’t see any cheap Brass swivel here only a rolling.
  • High Uv index  On day’s With a high UV Index we have noticed are catch rates have gone through the rough Because of the UV.
  • Reef fish & Other fish, the Ultra rig is High Quality and can land much other fish, not Just snapper.
  • These Rigs were Designed with big fish in mind fish over 10kg as you find commonly in  Western Australia & South Australia.
  • A Low Barometer Is another time I like to fish an ultra rig as Air Pressure pushes the fish higher up in the water column an ultra is a great option.


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In this Image is how I bait the Rig for snapper lot of hook gap is very important.





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