Master Bottom Fishing with Ultra Rigs: Pre-Tied Snapper Rigs,

Discover the art of bottom fishing with Ultra Rigs in our informative video, where you’ll learn how to maximize your catch and get the most out of these pre-tied Snapper rigs. For successful Snapper fishing, it’s crucial to use a combination of rigs and baits. We suggest having at least one Paternoster Rig in your spread, along with strip baits like squid rings. Silver whiting heads and pilchard chunks also make excellent bait choices.

The quality of your fishing rig is paramount, especially when targeting Snapper weighing over 3kg. While cheaper rigs might suffice for smaller fish, a high-quality rig with sharp hooks can greatly improve your catch rate. Reedy’s Ultra Rigs, hand-tied with Dominator Circle hooks made from Japanese steel, are a top choice among anglers.

Using a high-quality rig can also prevent tackle failure when reeling in a trophy fish. Features like UV materials on the fly and lumo hook add to the rig’s fish-attracting power, providing a new point of difference for Snapper. Additionally, Reedy’s Ultra Rigs use rolling swivels instead of cheap, ineffective brass swivels, ensuring better line twist prevention.

On days with a high UV index, your catch rates can significantly improve due to the UV materials on the Ultra Rigs. Designed with big fish in mind, these rigs are suitable for Snapper over 10kg, which are commonly found in Western Australia and South Australia. The Ultra Rig’s high quality also makes it effective for targeting reef fish and other species.

Lastly, when fishing during periods of low barometric pressure, the Ultra Rig proves to be an excellent option as the fish are pushed higher up in the water column.

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In this Image is how I bait the Rig for snapper lot of hook gap is very important.





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