Boat Project

Boat Project Volvo Penta 28 ft Aluminum Plate E1 Vessel Build

So about 6 months ago I took on another personal boat rebuilding project, and one of my fishing mates who is exceptionally skilled at video production and catching snapper said we should film the rebuild, so yesterday we shot our first video just having a bit of a walk around the boat, and banging on about different things, in which I mentioned the engine being a d4 225 at 300hp as I thought that was what it was, after seeing the heading on the manual Volvo Penta D4 225 -300HP , anyway shortly after posting i have been corrected 225 means 225hp lol seems reasonable to me, im not beyond making mistakes just yet , but anyway if you would like to see my project take a look at the video on the boat build I will put a link below, I will probably be asking lots of questions here 🙂 when i can’t figure out something, cheers.

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