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How to Catch Snapper Over Summer: A Comprehensive Angler’s Guide

Introduction The summer season is a peak time for snapper fishing, offering challenging and rewarding opportunities for anglers. This comprehensive guide delves into effective strategies and techniques, including the use of advanced technology like fish finders, to master the art of summer snapper fishing. Understanding Snapper Snapper Species and Characteristics Snapper are coveted for their […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Masterful Fish Filleting Snapper Video

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Step-by-Step Guide  Filleting Snapper Possum’s Precision: The Art and Skill of Filleting a Snapper, the Ex-Footballer Way” In a surprisingly serene setting, far from the roaring crowds and pulsating energy of the football field, a retired footballer, endearingly known to fans as “Possum,” skillfully wielded not a ball, but a knife. This isn’t a tale […]

Snapper Success in Port Phillip Bay Video Guide to Baits, Rigs

October Snapper Success in Port Phillip Bay: Melbourne's Ultimate Guide to Baits, Rigs, and Techniques

Experience the thrill of snapper fishing in Melbourne’s iconic Port Phillip Bay with our comprehensive guide. In this video, dive into the intricacies of selecting the best baits, mastering rigging, understanding snapper movement, and leveraging the unmatched strength of Reedy’s 187 hooks. Watch as we strategically set a spread of 8 rods on a boat, […]

Offset vs In-Line Hooks for Snapper Fishing: Maximizing Your Hook-Up Rate

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When it comes to snapper fishing, the choice of hook is often debated among anglers. Two types of hooks reign supreme: offset hooks and in-line hooks, also known as “in-hooks.” Each of these hooks has its distinct advantages and disadvantages, especially when you’re targeting snapper. Let’s dive into how these two types of hooks compare. […]

How to Catch Early Season Snapper in Western Port

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Catching snapper in Western Port, a large tidal bay in Victoria, Australia, can be an exciting and rewarding experience, especially during the early season. The tactics can vary based on a variety of factors including weather conditions, tides, and water temperature. G’day, I’m Brett Reed, and if you’re as keen as I am about fishing, […]

One Day Catch: Snapper, Squid & Gummy Shark in Port Phillip Bay

As the sun reaches its zenith, signalling the start of our maritime escapade, my friends and I, aboard our respective Haines fishing boats, set sail into the heart of Port Phillip Bay. The excitement is palpable, the anticipation bristling. We cast off from Mornington and head southwards, our spirits buoyed by the prospect of the […]

Secrets of Catching King George Whiting in Port Phillip Bay: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover the thrills of King George Whiting fishing in Port Phillip Bay! Learn from our latest video guide and take your fishing skills to the next level.” Welcome to our blog! We’re excited to share our latest video guide: “Master the Art of Catching Whiting in Port Phillip Bay”. Whiting is a popular species for […]

Unlock Success with Reedy’s UV Fly Longshank Hooks: The Ultimate Secret for Whiting Fishing

lonkshank hook by reedys rigs uv single , great for whiting

Reedy’s UV Fly Longshank hooks are a dream come true for any Whiting angler. With their extended length, these hooks offer an irresistible appeal to Whiting, a fish loved by many for its fight and taste. The specialty of these hooks lies not just in their length, but also in the additional attraction – the […]

Top squid jig for Port Phillip Bay? Reedy’s Squid Jig Selection

Best squid Jig For Port Phillip bay, Squid jigs For PPB, Top squid jigs for port phillip bay

Looking for the top squid jig for Port Phillip Bay? Picking the right one can seem tough when you’re just starting to learn how to catch squid. But don’t worry, after many years of fishing in Port Phillip Bay, I’ve figured out how to make squid fishing smooth and easy. To me, catching squid is […]

Melbourne Embrace the 2023 Snapper Season Exclusive, Non-Profit Snapper Hoodie

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Melbourne The Snapper Season of 2023 is just around the corner, and we’ve got something special lined up for all you fishing lovers. We’re talking about our special, cost-price (Non-Profit) Snapper Hoodie, a token of appreciation from us to the wonderful community of anglers that we’re so proud to be a part of. Each year, […]