Best Transducer For Port Phillip Bay Snapper in 2019

Airmar  TM165HW  600KW sounding up snapper in PPB. I Fish inshore in Port Phillip Bay for snapper , so I can never justify spending close to 2k on a Transducer.  The best Transducer for PPB is the 175HW 1KW by Airmar .  it has a 25 degree Beam and it’s Proven to be Awesome. BUT if you only fish the bay & dont head offshore,  i Have good New’s the New Airmar TM65HW has a 30 degree beam and Run’s high Chirp so you can make an argument its better for port Phillip bay snapper fishing covering MORE ground then the 175hw.  Port Phillip bay deepest point is 24m so you dont need more then 600 watts’ to sound up snapper.  it’s a great cheaper option..  we will find out over the next few months.  Check Back in a week or So to see the Video sounding up snapper in the Bay !!

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Snapper Buckle What a Good Snapper Bite Looks Like  

Fishing in South Australia Few Years ago We had a gopro Floating on the Surface on line we were lucky enough to catch this Image

port phillip bay snapper, sounding up snapper


Snapper Caught After Sounding Up

These Fish were caught 5 mins after i Anchored on the Arches on the Right image . It Resulted in a Double Hook  Catching Both fish. 

snapper lowrance, snapper on fish finder, snapper on sounder, tm165hw airmar


Some Crisp Arches On the New Lowrance HDS Live

Airmar TM165HW Displaying Some Port Phillip bay Snapper on the New Transducer 


If you would like a TM165HW Transducer  Give Dean Matthews a Call on  0411716436 from Bayview marine for more info.

MY Cheat Sheet  For the TM65HW

in Shallow Water i swap over to 83khz as it has a Beam of 45 Degree Beam.  I only use it to about 8m , 83khz is not great in Deeper water and Detail is Limited , As to why i Like High Chirp.

How  Wide is the 165HW? 

7Meters CONE = 4M at High Chirp
15Meter CONE = 8M at High Chirp
16Meters CONE = 8M at High Chirp
18Meters CONE= 10M at High Chirp
20Meters CONE=10M at High Chirp
24Meters CONE=12M at High Chirp

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Airmar 165HW Transducer For Snapper In Port Phillip Melbourne.

The ocean under your boat has a lot of life that you can miss. That’s why it’s crucial to have the proper gear, so you don’t miss anything by chance. While fishing in the Port Phillip Bay, it’s particularly useful for snapper. If you’re worried about cost, this product is half the price of the 1Kw/175HW transducer, which is better for deep offshore fishing. For those who don’t plan on fishing so far out, the 165HW transducer is the better and more affordable option.
The TM165 HW features a full-beam width with a high-frequency range for considerable bottom coverage and a more precise fish coverage property. This helps with detection in the upper water column that narrow beam transducers may miss.
Feature List of the 165HW Transducer:
• A water-temperature sensor for fast-response and depth.
• At 600W, it features a maximum depth of 152m.
• Its high frequency sees a range of 150kHz to 250 kHz and a wide 30-degree average beam width to detect fish.
• One transducer has a total bandwidth of 100kHz.
• Another great feature is that it covers a popular fishing frequency of 200kHz.
• Due to the high frequency, this transducer provides more superior under the boat coverage for fish detection in the upper water column. With its high performance and its low profile design, it can provide a high resolution quickly when installing correctly for use.
• The transducer is well-built with a plastic transom bracket with accompanying hardware.
• Any boats up to 8m can use this effectively and suitable for planing hulls from fibreglass, wood, or metal.
This transducer is perfect for detecting fish as it provides maximum coverage across its frequency bands. Along with an improved performance of Chirp-capable fish finders, fishermen using this transducer will see three times the under the boat coverage compared to other small transducers.
Catching a lot of fish is the ultimate goal for many fishermen. While throwing your line out and waiting for chance is always an option, knowing exactly where the fish are will increase your chances of catching something. Dropping your line in an area with no fish will get you nowhere but a relaxing time on the sea, but little to show for it. Returning to harbour with your catch is something to be proud of and is always an exciting thing to share with friends, family, and even other fishermen as they appraise your catch for the day.
While fishing is a relaxing sport, if you know where the fish are, your chances will improve with the right transducer. The Airmar 165HW Transducer offers a more affordable experience to up your fishing game. The 30-degree beamwidth detects fish across all its frequencies, so you aren’t left wondering where the fish are at. Under the boat fish detection is top-notch with its wide beam and coverage properties. You can fish well, knowing this transducer will point you in the right direction and increase your likelihood of not letting anything get away.

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