Best Snapper Rigs in Port Phillip Bay ?

There is no best snapper rig in Port Phillip Bay.

Hi, my name is Brett as I’m the owner of Reedy’s Rigs it’s literally my job to know what rigs work best in port Phillip Bay. this is what I’ve done for the last 13 years of my life target snapper ALL Year-Round in port Phillip Bay.

Today I’ll share that some information with you about rigs.  Below on this Page is a Tutorial Video of Me Tying a Snapper Rig to help you catch a Melbourne Snapper.

I  Also Discuss Different types of Rigs you might  Fish in Port Phillip Bay.

fishing hook , lumo hook , reedys hooks , domintor hooksUnweighted Fly Rig

The first rig I use is Unweighted fly rigged on a Reedy’s Rig single circle Hook 4/0. In Port Phillip Bay there are lots of shallow reefs. Normally it’s very snaggy Country so using twin Hooks is probably not ideal. I prefer the circle hook on this rig, Only Because they do not seem to get snagged as much.

The unweighted fly will just give it that 10% attracting power and is also possible to catch a red with no bait. This rig is great early season when the fish are shallow. I use 20/40-pound leaders.

I connect it to the mainline with a double uni knot or a Swivel if I plan to head deeper later.
The early season when the fish go shallow is when I fish this rig most.

The types of areas such as Black Rock, Altona,  Elwood, Frankston, Brighton, Sandringham Mornington, Mount Eliza, Basically anywhere with  heavy reef.

Snell Twin Hook Rig Snapper Rig

The Snell Rig probably port Phillip bay’s most used rig. Great for most parts of the bay. I use size 4/0 187 Hooks octopus  Suicide Hook.  you can catch big fish on small hooks. it’s harder to catch small fish on big hooks.

Let’s face it not every snapper is going to be a huge one. A 2Kg 3Kg fish are still good fish but would be better suited to 4/0 size hooks. I like my Snell rigs to have fixed hooks to help with penetration when hooking the fish.

So, there’s always been a lot of talk about unweighted and weighted on the Snell rigs, If you can get away with unweighted use an unweighted rig.

but in my boat, I’m always fishing at least four rods or normally 8 so to keep those rods in an even spread so they’re not tangling up with each other, I Use size 1 Ball Sinker. It will keep that all in order so that’s why I use the sinker. This rig is great for full Baits such as pilchards, Silver Whiting, squid heads, etc.

Snell Rig, Twin Hook Rig, Reedys Rig, Best Snapper Rig

midnight , ultra rig, snapper rig, reef rig, Dropper Rig, paternoster , diagram fishing rigReedy’s Rigs Ultra Rig Tied On Paternoster

Reedy’s rigs Ultra-Rigs are the Best Pre-tied Paternoster rig on the market. there is no expense spared on the rig. I use paternoster rigs anytime when I’m fishing Snell rigs which are most of the time.

Is probably my favourite rig, to be honest. I Find my Biggest fish of the year is normally caught on this Rig. Using fresh squid strips or rings is fantastic. But I like a silver whiting head Pinned through the nose. With circle hooks, you won’t use the next size up Hook, then what you’d use generally speaking it’s a size up so if you use normally used size 4/0 then use a  5/0 hook if you size 6/0 Buy 7/0 Etc.

5-0 hook , snapper hook, 187 hooks ,octopus hook

Reedy’s 187 Pack of 25 Octopus Beak Hooks

Buy Pack’s of 25 5/0 187 Hook By Reedy’s Rigs High-Quality Japanese Made Fishing Hook.

whiting rig, reedys whiting rig, tinganoster,wester port rig,paternoster

Tinganoster Rig’s Handtied with 187 Circle Hook’s

Reedy’s Rigs New Whiting Rigs with a Thin Guage Hook Perfect for KGW. The New Rig has UV & Flasher with a Small Red Bead . Tied On Flurocarbon Leader this Rig will Be A Hit This Summer. The Rig Comes in a Paternoster & a Mixed Running Rig.  with Four Color Types. Buy Your’s Here 

superlumo Orgnial , reedys rigs, ultra rig ,uv snapper rig, circle hook, dominator hook

NEW 4/0 ULTRA Rigs Buy Reedy’s Rigs

4/0 Ultra Rig Have hit the Market this Year Hand-Tied On Quality Tackle  Need 4/0 Rigs Click Here 

How To Tie a Port Phillip Bay Snell Twin Hook Snapper Rig.

What Tackle will I need to tie the Rig in the video?

Leader anywhere from 30lb to 60lb the choice is yours to make. on Snell hook Rigs I choose 40lb.  187 Hooks Octopus Hooks when Snell rig (two Hooks). A Fishing Swivel & Lumo beads.


187 Octopus Suicide Fishing Hook Features: see the

The hooks are chemically treated to maintain sharpness for a longer duration despite being of Japanese origin. A specialized acid or chemical solution is utilized to sharpen the point, reducing the barb size and creating a slimmer, more tapered shape for effective fish hooking.

The 187 Hook boasts unparalleled penetration performance owing to its point, which lowers piercing resistance. This results in faster, smoother penetration with minimized wear and bending for extended usage.

With an emphasis on durability and functionality, all 187 Hooks feature a Teflon coating that facilitates easier penetration while decreasing friction. This coating also provides superior corrosion resistance to counteract the salt content of the ocean. As a result, less force is required for snapper or kingfish to bite the hook.

187 Hook in Action catching Reds Here Video

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