what the Best Snapper Rig For Port Phillip Bay?

The Best Snapper Rig for Port Phillip Bay with Video to Help Beginner’s in  tying knot’s

Snapper Season 2019/20 Just Around the Corner I Thought I Tie the Best Rig for Targeting snapper in Port Phillip Bay.

A simple Video Showing how to rig for snapper. This is  the best fishing rig for fishing The Port Phillip bay.

In this Video To tie the Rig you will Need the Following

Leader Jinkai 40lb (ca. 18 kg) | Size 1 Ball Sinker | Hooks i use 4/0 Reedy’s 187 Suicide. 60lb (ca. 27 kg) Rolling Swivel.

best hooks for snapper

Reedy’s 187 Suicide hooks Buy

The Hooks I Use in the Video to tie a Snapper Rig. It’s So important to use Good Quality Hooks.


Reedy’s Ultra Rig a Paternoster with Lumo Hooks Click To Buy

Fishing a Good Quality Rig is Important. There is alot of bad quality fishing rigs Reedy’s Is Known for the Best Quality Rig on the Market. Don’t Risk Loosing a Fish of a lifetime.

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