Best bait Snapper fishing Rig & Basic saltwater Rigs

Best bait Snapper fishing Rig Basic saltwater Rigs

When fishing for snapper there are many different saltwater bait   fishing rigs that are used to catch a basic snapper . Here we will take a look at the different types of saltwater fishing rig & snapper rigs and setups for fishing for that big red. First you need to know where your fishing & the surrounding area e.g reef fishing or fast water current you need to think about if your fishing a paternoster type rig or a bottom rig you may wish to use a circle hook or twin suicide chemical sharpen hooks. I have found over the years its best to use a mixture of basic saltwater  fishing rigs  to improve your chances of catching a fish. If im fishing a reefy area i tend to use a paternoster rig or snapper snatcher just to aviod snags or getting busted of on reef  I will still fish some bottom rigs  with twin hooks but i will keep the majority of my spread to paternoster rigs , in the event its a sandy bottom the rolls are usually reversed .


Saltwater snapper Baits spinning  on you fishing rig will you catch a fish ?

How to bait up for snapper  is One of the most overlooked process is the importance of baiting your hook and how it sits in the current. when fishing with your snapper rig it is very important your bait does not spin. A fish will be less likely to bite a spinning bait so you must keep this in mind when baitting up your rig , you also want plenty of gape between your hook and bait so you get better hook up rates.When cutting bait it is a good idea to think about the areodynamic  you can always test the bait by lowering it down next to the boat or just on top of the water where you still can see it .

Snapper Rigs with flashers Whats a best rig & how do they work ?

Snapper rigs & Snatchers have been Getting alot of attention by fisho’s. Snapper Snatcher rigs are pre-tied fishing rigs . They come pre-rigged in a range of hook sizes and colours all with lumo embedded in the flasher using two circle  hooks, the snapper rig is hand tied on tough 60lb or 80lb trace leader monofilament material in a paternoster dropper rig . success with these rigs is the fish attracting lumo flash attached to the circle hooks. Each circle is dressed up sort of like a saltwater fly. above each hook there are luminous beads that glow down when under water which attracts fish .



We recommend you use the snapper rig with bait but a Snapper Snatchers can be used as a lure just like a fly the lumo in  the flasher on the hooks means you never loose your bait even if it falls off the hook your still fishing .
snapper rigs  can be used for surf fishing rig. This was a unexpected discovery when designing the rig the fact they work excellent in the surf with the flasher acting like a lure that wash’s around in the waves enhances the snapper fishing rig even more . also , it’s simple to just tie the swivel at one end of the Snapper rig to your main line, and attach some weight to the other. and your off and racing pretty simple right ?
When fishing from the surf I have caught a many of Australian salmon from the surf on snapper snatchers just like a surf popper they are awesome to use .plenty of anglers who use them more regularly also catch other species like mulloway & gumbo sharks also they are exellent in snagy area’s such as reef ‘s and rock beds .
The list of target species is just endlessyou can catch just about anything on the snapper rigz .



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Snapper Rigs with pilchard baits .



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