Beginners guide to Garfish Fishing Article Video

Beginners guide to Garfish 

Garfish can be found in most parts of Australia and catching them can be a fun and inexpensive activity to get kids away from their video games. In this article, we will discuss how to catch garfish and provide a video for you to watch.

When fishing for garfish, simplicity is key. You don’t need a fancy rod combo, any light rod combo will do the job. A two and a half thousand size reel combo paired with a two to four-kilo rod will suffice for catching garfish, as well as squid and whiting.

Live maggots are the best bait for catching garfish. You can make your own maggots by wrapping a dead fish carcass in newspaper and leaving it outside for a few days. Once you have your maggots, store them in a container with sawdust in the fridge. The cold temperature will put the maggots in a dormant state until you take them out.

When putting the maggots on the hook, use four or five maggots to make them wiggle around and entice the garfish to bite. Silverfish, which can be purchased at your local tackle store, are also a recommended bait. Cut the silverfish into small pieces and make sure the hook point is exposed.

Burley is also important for attracting garfish. Use a small amount of bread or pellet-style burley to attract the fish to your bait.

In conclusion, catching garfish is a simple and enjoyable activity that can be done with minimal equipment and the right bait. With these tips, you can have a successful garfish fishing trip while enjoying the great outdoors.

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Using burley is crucial when fishing for garfish. A simple mix can be made by putting an old loaf of bread into a bucket, adding a small amount of water, and mixing in some tuna oil. The consistency of the mix should be similar to that of porridge. To distribute the burley, a ladle from the kitchen can be used to throw it towards the float.

There are two types of float rigs for garfish: the pencil float rig and the bobber rig. The float should sit on the surface, with the hook placed about 1.2 to 1.5 meters below the surface. Garfish feed on the surface part of the water column. Pre-tied rigs are available at local tackle stores and are inexpensive, but rigs can also be made by following tutorials on YouTube. A size 12 hook and split shots are necessary for rigging.

Garfish can be found in most piers, bays, sheltered marinas, and other areas. They can be caught at any tide and at any time of the day or night. However, the last three hours of the running tide can yield the best results. Afternoons are ideal for fishing from piers, especially during winter, while early mornings are preferable in the warmer months.

Overall, catching garfish is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by anglers of all levels. Using burley and the right rig can increase the chances of a successful catch, and pre-tied rigs can save time and effort. Garfish can be found in a variety of locations and can be caught at any time of the day or night.

Garfish can be found in several locations in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port.

making it a popular species for anglers in the region. Here are some locations to consider when trying to catch Garfish:

    1. Brighton Pier: This is one of the most popular spots for Garfish in Port Phillip Bay. The pier extends into deep water, making it an ideal location for the fish.
    2. Sandringham Breakwall: This breakwall is a great spot for Garfish, especially during the summer months. The water is shallow, and the fish tend to congregate in large schools.
    3. Mornington Pier: Located in the southern part of the bay, Mornington Pier is a popular spot for Garfish. The pier extends into deeper water, and the fish can be found near the pylons.
    4. Blairgowrie Pier: This pier is located in the southern end of the bay and is an excellent location for Garfish. The pier is shallow, and the fish can be found near the surface.
    5. Stony Point Pier: This pier is located in Western Port and is an excellent location for Garfish. The water is shallow, and the fish can be found near the pylons.
    6. Hastings Pier: This pier is also located in Western Port and is a great spot for Garfish. The water is shallow, and the fish can be found near the surface.

Overall, Garfish can be caught in many locations throughout Port Phillip Bay and Western Port. These locations offer excellent opportunities for anglers to catch this popular species

Rigging for Garfish is relatively simple and requires only a few items. Here’s a basic guide on how to rig for Garfish:
  1. Float: The first item you will need is a float. The float should be small and lightweight so that it doesn’t spook the fish. A pencil float is a popular choice for Garfish.
  2. Line: Next, attach your fishing line to the float. A 4-6lb monofilament line is ideal for Garfish.
  3. Hook: Use a small, fine wire hook, size 10-12. The hook should be tied onto the line using a knotless knot or a snell knot.
  4. Split Shot: Attach one or two small split shots to the line approximately 10-15cm below the hook. The split shot will help the bait to sink to the desired depth.
  5. Bait: Garfish are attracted to small, live baits such as maggots, small pieces of prawn, silverfish, or small pieces of bread. Live maggots are the most effective bait for Garfish.
  6. Optional: If you want to make your rig more attractive to Garfish, you can attach a small, brightly colored bead or a strip of reflective tape to the line above the hook.

Overall, rigging for Garfish is a simple process that requires a few basic items. Keep your rig small and light, use a fine wire hook and small split shots, and bait your hook with small, live baits. With the right technique, you can catch Garfish in no time

Here are some piers around Port Phillip Bay where you can try your luck at catching garfish:

  1. St Kilda Pier – Located in St Kilda, Melbourne, this pier is a popular spot for various types of fishing, including garfish.
  2. Mornington Pier – Situated in Mornington, this pier offers a great opportunity to catch garfish and other species.
  3. Frankston Pier – Located in Frankston, this pier is known for its abundant marine life and is a favorite spot for garfish anglers.
  4. Altona Pier – Situated in Altona, this pier provides excellent fishing opportunities, including the chance to catch garfish.
  5. Mordialloc Pier – Located in Mordialloc, this pier is known for its garfish fishing, especially during the warmer months.
  6. Werribee South Pier – Situated in Werribee South, this pier is a popular location for catching garfish and other species.
  7. Queenscliff Pier – Located in Queenscliff, this pier offers a scenic setting and a chance to catch garfish and other fish species.
  8. Portarlington Pier – Situated in Portarlington, this pier is known for its garfish fishing, particularly during the summer months.
  9. Clifton Springs Pier – Located in Clifton Springs, this pier is another popular spot for garfish anglers in the area.

Remember to check local fishing regulations and obtain any necessary licenses before fishing. Additionally, be sure to practice responsible fishing, respect the environment, and release any unwanted catches safely.

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