Beginners guide to Garfish

Garfish can be caught in most Parts of Australia!!

Catching garfish is a lot of fun like taste very nice. and it’s and it’s a cheap activity to get the kids out fishing and away from the video games.
on this page I’ll be talking about how to catch garfish. not only is there a video for you to watch.
when fishing for garfish you don’t want to make it too complex. simplicity is the key to catching gars.
Any light rod combo will get the job done honestly you don’t need to be too picky. I use a two and a half thousand size reel combo up with a two to four kilos rod and I use this rod for many fish such as squid Whiting.
Best Bait for Garfish
just like in the video the best bait to catch garfish are live maggots you can make these yourself by getting a dead fish carcass and wrapped it up in newspaper and leaving it out in the backyard for a couple of days. once you have your maggots you want to get some sawdust. put them into a container and pop it into the fridge. The coldness will make the maggots go dormant state. They will be in a dormant stay until you take him out of the fridge.
When putting the maggots on the hook make sure you put it put a few maggots on so they wiggling around enticing the guards to bite the bait. four or five magnets will do the trick.
The other Bay or recommend is silverfish just like in the video. Silverfish which can be purchased from your local tackle store. When baiting the Hook with silverfish you want to cut it into a small piece and make sure the whole point it’s still showing.
Burley is key.

garfish burley, garfish-burley
you must use Burley. a simple mix: get a loaf of bread preferably old. put it into a bucket put some water in with the bucket just a small amount. Grab some tuna oil (local tackle store) and tip a small amount of that mix it around to it breaks it down. The mix should be fairly consistent to bowl of porridge. To distribute the burly, you’re best off getting a Lidl from the kitchen. I throw it towards the float.
Garfish Rigs.
you can make your own garfish rigs and there’s two types of float rigs either a pencil float rig or a bobber rig which is a bit more technical. basically, you want the float to sit on the surface and have have a hook below the surface about 1.2 metres to 1.5 some days the garfish are deeper than others. gar fish feed on the surface part of the water column. Both rigs can be bought pretied from your local tackle store. if you want to tie your own rig look on YouTube there’s plenty of rig tying videos but but basically you’re going to need a size 12 hook a very small hook because their mouths are small and it’s there they can be tricky to hook you need some split shots there little sinkers that help get you hooked down below the float you need some pliers to crimp the spilt shots sinkers on.
Pretied rigs are great that very cheap a pencil float rig costs about a few dollars and it comes ready to go. honestly for the time you spend rigging them up you better off just on the pretied rigs. but I’ll leave that choice with you.
Where do I find garfish?
garfish hang around most peers pretty much anywhere in bays sheltered marinas many different areas you like appear is a great place to start and if you’re fishing from a boat they can be found anywhere from out deep to win shallow.
garfish can boy on any tide and feed at any part of the day or night. but for best results I prefer the last three hours of the running tide. But as I said before you can catch gar at anytime. light afternoons are really great from peers specially in winter and in the warmer months I prefer early mornings. that’s basically it that’s all we need to know about going and catching garfish they’re really great fun to catch.


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