Bait Presentation Snapper Step By Step Guide

Hey Guys! Today, I’ll guide you through optimal bait presentation, ideal hook sizes, and types for snapper fishing. This is particularly useful for novice anglers who want to make the best purchasing decisions from our site.

Mastering Bait Presentation for Snapper Fishing: A Guide with Video

Proper bait presentation is crucial when you’re on a snapper fishing quest. We have a concise video here demonstrating the correct way to bait your hooks. If the bait isn’t appropriately presented in the water, snappers might not bite. So, doing it correctly from the outset is paramount.

This becomes even more critical in areas with strong currents, where you might only get a single bite – you’ll want to make it count.

In our featured video, our young expert Zac shares the most effective methods to bait your hooks. After the video, I will further discuss why choosing high-quality hooks is crucial.

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Investing in quality terminal tackle is crucial – it’s the one area you shouldn’t skimp on.

Consider this: You spend time and resources – fuel, bait, boating expenses, not to mention the effort – only to lose a fish due to inferior terminal tackle such as hooks, lines, and leaders. It’s nonsensical. I’ve seen fishermen with state-of-the-art boats who surprisingly own subpar tackle boxes filled with low-quality hooks. Cutting corners here, especially given that it’s the second most crucial element of bait fishing (next to bait quality – always remember, “Fresh is Best”), makes no sense.

Take a leaf from the old fishermen’s book; quality hooks and lines are more important than the rod and reel – after all, they managed with handlines back in the day. Start a good habit early: prioritise better quality terminal tackle, even if it means settling for a more affordable rod & reel.

Now, let’s talk about the best bait hook type for Snapper fishing.

We offer two types of hook styles for Snapper: the circle hook “Reedy’s Dominator,” and the suicide/octopus, also known as a beak hook, “Reedy’s 187.”

Circle hooks are advantageous if you plan on catch-and-release since they often hook the fish in the corner of the jaw. We use circle hooks in our paternoster rigs (ULTRA Rigs) – they work best for this setup.

In contrast, suicide/octopus hooks are ideal for a bottom rig like a twin Snell hook rig. However, they are not suitable for catch-and-release, as the fish often swallows the hook, causing potential internal damage.

Choosing the best hook size for Snapper depends on personal opinion and experience. Personally, I’ve caught a 20lb (9.15kg) Snapper on a size 4/0 hook and, later that day, smaller ones up to 35 centimeters on the same size. Hence, I prefer size 4/0 hooks in Reedy’s 187 suicide for their versatility.

For the Dominator circle hooks, I lean towards sizes 5/0 or 6/0 when targeting both large and small Snapper. However, if I’m aiming for smaller ones, I use sizes from 4/0 down to 1/0. Generally, 4/0 is a great all-rounder for both big and small fish.

Circle Hook Size

With the Circle hooks (Dominator). I like to use size 5/0 or 6/0 If I want to catch big and small snapper. But if I exclusively wanna target small pinkies or smaller snapper, I’ll use 4/0 through to 1/0. But generally, 4/0 covers big and small fish.

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circle hook, lumo hook , fly, snapper

Image of a Circle Hook

Reedy’s Domintor Tied on the Ultra Rigs

octopus hook, fishing hook

Octopus | Beak Hook

Image image of a Reedy’s 187 Hook

lumo octopus hook

Lumo Hook

Reedy’s 187 in Lumo Octopus beak

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle

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