Bait Presentation Snapper Step By Step Guide


G’day, guys. Today I will be talking about Bait Presentation & what is the best hook sizes and types to catch snapper. This is aimed at helping new anglers in Selecting the Best products when purchasing from our site.

Bait Presentation For Snapper with Video

Bait presentation is so important when Targeting Snapper. Below is a short video. On how to bait your hooks. The reason you want to bait your hooks correctly is that if it doesn’t present well in the water, the snapper will not take your bait. So do it right the first time.

it’s especially important in moving Current. you may only get one bite So you wanna make it count.

In this video. Young Zac runs through the best ways to bait your hooks.  Below the video, I will talk about the importance of Quality Hooks.

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Terminal tackle is probably the most important thing that spending money.

When you spend your time going fishing, you’ve gotta pay for all your fuel, bait all your boating costs. Your time and effort and then if you go and try and cut corners on low-quality terminal tackle like Hooks line leaders. And then you hook onto a fish. And you lose it because you’ve got some poor-quality Hook. It just makes no sense why anyone would want to do that.

I see these guys with these $170,000 boats. And you get on their boat and you see their tackle box is just. It’s really poor. The hooks are just low-quality. Why would you do that? I just don’t understand why you try and cut corners. when it’s the second most important element of bait fishing. The Bait Quality would be first, “Fresh is Best” Then the Hook And then line. Then it would probably be the rod and reel remember bloke’s use to use handlines back in the day.

it’s a good habit to get into early, I’d rather have a. fishing cheaper rod & reel and better quality terminal tackle.

What’s the Best Bait Hook Type For Snapper

So there are two types of hook styles we sell for Snapper. One is a circle hook “Reedy’s Dominator “. And two is suicide or octopus, also known as a beak hook. Which is “Reedy’s 187”

Circle hooks are great to use if you plan on releasing the fish because most of the time it hooks the fish in the corner of the jaw. On our paternoster rigs (ULTRA Rigs) We use circle hooks and we found there the best when tying your paternoster rigs.

Suicide/octopus hooks are my choice for a bottom rig like a twin Snell hook rig. Suicide hooks are the best for that option I feel. They’re no good for releasing fish because the fish tends to swallow the hooks down in their gut. most of the time damaging the fish’s insides.

Suicide / Beak /Octopus  Size

So the best hook size for Snapper? Is really based on people’s opinion. And experience. Personally, I have caught a snapper up to 20lb 9.15kg on size 4/0 hooks. And later that day, on the same hooks 4/0. I caught smaller snapper to 35 centimeters. So, for me, I like to use size 4/0 hooks in Reedy’s 187 suicide.

Circle Hook Size

With the Circle hooks (Dominator). I like to use size 5/0 or 6/0 If I want to catch big and small snapper. But if I exclusively wanna target small pinkies or smaller snapper, I’ll use 4/0 through to 1/0. But generally, 4/0 covers big and small fish.

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Image of a Circle Hook

Reedy’s Domintor Tied on the Ultra Rigs

octopus hook, fishing hook

Octopus | Beak Hook

Image image of a Reedy’s 187 Hook

lumo octopus hook

Lumo Hook

Reedy’s 187 in Lumo Octopus beak

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle