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Bait Fishing Get a Better Hook up when Using Circle Hooks Make it Count !

Bait  Fishing – When using  circle Hooks One of the Most important things is , to make Sure your Hook Is Baited Correctly. Whether you’re fishing With Pilchard or fresh Squid Or What ever your bait is If it Isn’t hooked Right Your Chances of bagging  a Fish decline . First you need Your bait to sit in the current straight as in the picture below if it’s spinning and Looks Unnatural you Have less chance of Getting A Bite . Snapper for example grab the bait by the head first, run with it and then swallow the bait. So it is very important to have the point of the circle hook fully exposed when baiting and using circle hooks. No Matter what brand of hook or rig you are fishing from Gamakatsu Owner Mustard or a Paternoster Snapper Snatcher’s or a Running snelled Rig Its Super important to take the time to do it Correctly. If you Watch the  Video You Will See how i use circle hooks & flasher rigs  to catch Some Nice Australian Snapper .

Bait Fishing Circle Hooks The 1% Extra Matters

Bait fishing with circle Hooks Are great to use They Enable You To catch big Fish With out doing any damage to The fish if you wish to Catch & Release Your Fish . No more standing there Holding your Rod waiting to Strike , the Circle’s Hook the Fish so they are great for Fishermen Like Me that are lazy and want to relax and let the Hook Catch the fish so there is no need to Strike your Fishing rod And Once your hooked up With Circle hooks You will generally Stay Connected to the fish. Also Dont Forget to net your catch…

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