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Winter Snapper In Port Phillip Bay April till August Melbourne Fishing

Fishing Port Phillip Bay In The colder Months is a lot Harder.
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In the Colder Months If im not Down the bottom of the bay trying to catch Some the last few reds exiting the bay. I like to plan my trips on days when there is no wind (for comfort factor ) and a high barometer. Realistically your chance of catching a snapper is low , But you still have a decent shot , here a few tips to help. i fish the eastern side  of port Phillip bay . so i reef hoop and sound only on the reefs and around Them . I Like reefs in the  deeper water (for big Snapper During the Day)  &  Known Area’s ,you know the one’s you buy with GPS maps with marks on them & common spots like Carrum outer & Airplane Wreck.  and all the rest is the same pilchard burly Etc Etc. Spend a few hours sitting on a reef and that’s all you can really do , maybe launch at first light with the high barometer you wont need a tide change they will bite anytime of the day , the hard part is finding them  …. Reef’s are your best bet and expected to come home a empty handed most day’s. 

There is also a Theory at night they come in close at night over in corio bay for warm water temp  . but i have never fished for snapper over there so i cant comment. 

I think in recent years we have had some really good snapper seasons 2011, 2012  and as the years pass the numbers start to decline of the amount of Big snapper that stay in the bay over winter decreases.