Squid Fishing Jigs Airbrushed Lures Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia Video Vlog

Squid fishing Jigs Airbrushed Lures  Fishing Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay. Catching Fresh Snapper Baits with Custom Jigs. A Video Vlog On Cold winters Morning out of Mornington.

Sligjigz Facebook Page Can Be Found Here  Based in South Australia he tell me he will be Launching the Lures this Summer.

A company called Sligjigz Sent me some Airbrushed Squid jigs, to test out and see how they performed on Melbourne’s PPb.  This is a video showing how i caught my bag limit on a cold foggy morning fishing.  Also i fly my drone over mornington pier and capture some great footage. if wanting to learn how to catch Squid ive put together a short Tutorial Video Below for  Anglers & Beginners , but if your an advanced fisherman maybe skip it because it covers just the basic’s in Squid Fishing.

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