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Reedy’s Rigs is a proud AUSTRALIAN Fishing Tackle company , We supply high quality fishing gear for both recreational and professional fishers such as Hooks Flasher Rigs, Ultra Rigs, Prettied Paternoster Rigs, whiting Rigs  Lures, Jigs and more. Our Online Shop is Found Here . To Find Your Nearest Store Use this Map

YouTube channel for recreational fishing enthusiasts in Australia. This is your #1 resource for Tips and Tricks on everything related to fishing in Australian waters.

What will you learn from this YouTube channel?
Well, to begin with, we tell you everything you need to know about the fish that you would like to catch, whether it’s the Snapper, an Australian Salmon or something else.
Next, we will tell you about the best spots for fishing in Australia, which time of the year is best for different fish species, and everything related to the actual catching of the fish – such as how to target the best areas at the optimum time and which tackle to use.
We also talk about different fishing equipment, how much they cost and where to find them.
Responsible fishing…
There is nothing to beat the joy of fishing, either by yourself or with your family. It is estimated that more than 3.5 million Aussies fish recreationally. The commercial fishing industry is worth billions of dollars each year.
But here’s the problem: Because of the commercialisation of fishing, the fish stocks in Australia have depleted at an alarming rate in recent years.
Australian waters are over fished by commercial trawlers and there just aren’t as little fish as there used to be when we were kids. There has been substantial damage to the ecology and the biodiversity of this part of the world.
If you’re a parent, teaching your kids how to prepare the bait, and sending them off to fish with a pack of lures and a spinning rod is not enough. Fishing is a lot of fun for kids, but they should also be taught to fish responsibly.
That’s why we have a strong emphasis on responsible fishing in our videos.
We hope you enjoy the videos on Reedy’s Rigs®  and learn something from them.
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