The 187 Suicide Hook by Reedy’s Rigs®

Fishing is one of the many favourite pastimes for many people. Whether alone or with friends and family, fishing is not only fun but a relaxing way to spend your outdoor time. For the sport fisherman, recreational fishing is usually for pleasure or the sport of competition. The most common forms of sports fishing are done with a rod, line, reel, hooks with different types of baits. Some fisherman also use terminal tackle to compliment the presentation of the bait to the targeted fish. This can include weights, swivels, and floats. While the gear of a sports fisherman is numerous, one of the most popular items is the 187 Suicide Hook fishing hook by Reedy’s Rigs.

Reedy’s Rigs is a top manufacturer of fishing equipment, and gear for every fisherman Their highly popular fishing rigs such as the 187 Suicide Hook is used by professional fisherman as well as hobbyists with little to no knowledge of fishing. In Reedy’s Rigs Fishing Hook series, the 187 Suicide Hook is improved with a great design to increase its effectiveness in the sport.

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Features of the 187 Suicide Hook

What makes these fantastic hooks so useful is that they offer all the advantages of a circle or octopus design, but its shank is straight. The suicide hooks give you an almost perfect catch rate of 100% and are a must-have for your tackle and fishing needs. These hooks come in various sizes from 1 to 0 to 9/0 for a more excellent range of fishing needs.

Chemically Sharpened

Though these hooks are made in Japan, they are treated with a special chemical to keep them sharpened. This is a process where the metal hooks are sharpened using an acid or a chemical solution to sharpen the end, rather than using the traditional mechanical means. This allows for a smaller barb size and a thinner, sharper point to hook fish.

Teflon Coating Process

All these hooks are designed to have an extended life and performance. The Teflon coating process helps this by enhancing the penetration ability of the hook. This provides a lower amount of friction. In a more practical setting, this means the hook can penetrate the fish’s mouth with less force from the bite/ The coating process also offers an acceptable level of corrosion resistance.

Hook Point

Hand-ground gives a hook its unprecedented penetration performance. This also helps reduce piercing resistance, meaning increased, and enhanced penetration speed. This allows the hook to resist wear and to bend for more extended periods of time.

While fishing is a mainstay for many people, the varieties of tackle are excellent tools to help the fisherman excel in either their hobby or sport. Whether it is alone or with friends and family, having the right hook can help improve your catch rate and overall satisfaction for the competition. The Reedy’s Rigs 187 Suicide Hook is an excellent hook to use for many your fishing needs. It has superior performance and features that’ll keep you reeling them in.

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