10 TIPS Catching Australian Snapper Landbased

10 tips for catching land based Australian Snapper:

Know the location: Research the area you plan to fish to determine the best spots for catching snapper. Look for rocky areas, reefs, and other structures where snapper are known to congregate.

Use fresh bait: Snapper are attracted to fresh bait, so use fresh squid, octopus, prawns or other small fish as bait.

Use the right rig: A running sinker rig with a snelled hook and a fluorocarbon leader of no more than 1 meter is ideal for catching Australian snapper from land.

Time your fishing: Fish during low-light periods such as dawn and dusk when snapper are most active. Fishing during the right tides is also important when targeting snapper from land.

Use burley: Snapper are attracted to burley, so use a burley cage or bag to attract them to your fishing area.

Use light tackle: Snapper are known for their hard fight, so use light tackle with a good drag system to make the fight more exciting.

Be patient: Catching snapper from land requires patience and persistence, so be prepared to wait for the fish to bite.

Be stealthy: Snapper can be easily spooked, so be quiet and avoid making any sudden movements.

Cast to the right spot: Snapper are often found around rocky outcrops or other structures, so cast your line near these areas.

Respect the environment: Always follow local fishing regulations and practice catch and release fishing to help protect the snapper population. Remember to also clean up any rubbish or fishing gear you bring with you.



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