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Reedy’s Rigs   Fishing tackle Such as the Ultra Snapper Rigs is Pre Tied for anglers browse our many types of rigs & Tackle to suit your fishing style. From Running Rigs to Paternoster. Browse Our Store We Ship Same Day FREE Australia & World Wide at a flat rate. 

A short video Showing Just how many Snapper Can be Caught on one Ultra RIg

Buy Quality Not Quantity – Remember to Wash Rigs After Use

Pre-Tied Paternoster Snapper Fishing Rig By Reedy’s Rigs


The New Ultra Rigs Are only Available From all Good Tackle Store’s if you Need them Get them to Call us On 0451875759   Buy Ultra RIg

The Ultra Rig is Hand Tied with UV Luminous Fibre Rigged With Reedy’s Dominator Circle Hooks (Japanese Made Hook )Options for a (lumo Hook ) 

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Snapper Rigs Buy 4 of our Most popular rig Reedy’s Rigz  Color + FREE SHIPPING  Learn More Here 

Awesome Pre Tied  Fishing rigs for targeting Snapper, Whiting & range of reef fish great for targeting most fish. Great for offshore Bottom Bouncing or Inshore Fishing. Pick & choose your Hook size to Suit. Targeting fish from land or angling from a Boat we have the Tackle for you.


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Reedy’s Rigz makes top-rated fishing gear and equipment for the whole family. Our highly popular fishing rigs such as the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz are used by professional fishermen as well as by hobbyists, with little or no knowledge of fishing.
Reedy’s Outlaw Hook Series  New and Improved Hooks.

What makes these new hooks so effective is that they offer all the advantages of a circle or octopus design, but with a straight shank. They give you an almost perfect catch rate of 100%.
We work hard to improve our products day and night and based on the feedback received from our customers we have re-launched the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz with better and more effective Circle Hooks and  Dominator Hooks, and a better terminal tackle.


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