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Welcome to Reedy’s Rigs, your ultimate destination for exclusive fishing gear! We pride ourselves on manufacturing top-tier terminal tackle and original lures. Explore our variety of hooks, Ultra Snapper Rigs, Tinganoster Rigs, and more. Discover our beginner guides and video tutorials below. Looking for local purchase? Click the link for a map to your nearest retailer. Dive into the world of Reedy’s Rigs, the standard in premium fishing tackle.

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Premium Fishing Hooks by Reedy’s 

Unmatched Quality: Purchase Top-Rated Japanese Fishing Hooks from Reedys Rigs  superior performance, making them the gold standard for anglers seeking successful catches in diverse fishing conditions

Fishing Hook’s Single’s to Tie your Own Rigs. 187 Octopus & Dominator Circle Hooks  Click Here


Pre-Tied Paternoster: Superior Design

ULTRA Rigs Pre Tied Paternoster Rigs For Snapper & other Fish Learn More.

Reedys Rig’s Paternoster Rigs, equipped with high-quality hooks, a flasher lure, and secret UV fly material, set the bar for excellence and versatility, offering anglers an unparalleled fishing experience Click here

Reedys Whiting Rigs: Unmatched Quality .

Whitting Hook’s & Rigs

Designed and made by a real fisherman, Reedys Rigs’ Tinganoster Whiting Rig is widely recognized as the best pre-tied rig on the market, ensuring optimum performance and successful catches every time.

Click Here

How to Catch Snapper How to Catch Whiting Reedys rigs Apparel Reedy's Rig On Youtube

Single UV Hook’s

Dive into the ultimate saltwater fishing experience with Reedy’s Rigs Single UV Fly on Luminous Hooks. With their radiant glow and vibrant fly colors, these hooks are a game-changer in attracting saltwater species. Packaged in an 8-hook set with four unique fly colors, these hooks are a must-have for any serious angler seeking to maximize their catch rate. Make your fishing trips more productive and enjoyable by adding Reedy’s Rigs to your tackle box

UV Fly’s By Click Here

Top Fishing Hooks 2023: Secure Your Next Big Catch

Experience the unmatched strength and durability of our top fishing hooks selection, designed to ensure successful outings every time. Don’t miss out on the chance to reel in that trophy fish – shop our highly-rated hooks today.

The hook, made of high-grade stainless steel, glints subtly in the spotlight, reflecting its robustness and durability.



Reedy’s 187 Hooks Click Here

Top Circle Hooks for Demersal Fishing

Regarded as a top choice for anglers, circle hooks are especially effective for catching demersal fish, which inhabit the sea floor. Their unique design, with the point curving inward towards the shank, significantly reduces the chance of gut-hooking, leading to more sustainable catches. With their high hook-up rate and superior holding power, circle hooks are an indispensable asset for targeting species like grouper, snapper, and other demersal species.

Fishing Hooks we Use on the Rigs

"Sharper. Stronger. Smarter. Reedy's 187 Hooks - Land Your Catch with Precision!"
Best market-quality Paternoster Rig by Reedys Rigs with 80lb leader for snapper and other fish
fishing swivel , trace ,Barrel swivel ,Connector

Reedy's Rigs Fishing Tackle


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