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Reedy’s  Rigz is  a Well Known Fishing Brand  . we are very social so you can ask us any question Our  facebook page snapper fishing tackle  which is a fishing Community & our Products-Brand Page that relates to all things fishing.  But we like Australian snapper.

Reedy’s rigz  is An Established Fishing  And Sell Our Brand of Fishing rig most of which relates to fishing tackle and lures jigs etc .

We fish for snapper and often post our fishing reports on social media . We Have our Pro Staff  is various states that fish with our gear mostly ( charter operators) give us some good updates about where the snapper are bitting so we post fishing reports from around Australia   .

Fishing spots and gps marks below is an interactive google  map with a fair amount of fishing spots and sps marks  feel free to use the map and can save it it has fishing  locations from around australia it is a work in progress but feel free to use it  and if you want share it and add to it . it works better from a desktop computer . there is fishing gps marks related to snapper and alot more.

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